December, 03, 2019

Color Crush – Sandshell, Ice Flow, Rose Dust, and Laurel Green

Turning our focus from the cooler winter months to the warmer months of spring. Our pastel inspired color crush of Sandshell, Ice Flow, Rose Dust, and Laurel Green captures spring’s vitality and freshness. Playing on hues reminiscent of clouds, dew, and snow, these reinvented apropos springtime pastels help convey a design mood that is both calming and quieting, without any of the clichés. Yet, still powerful in their impact.

This palette is both earthen and romantic, featuring a grayish green and dusty pink. Adding a bright airiness to the mix is a calming beige and serene blue. Showing off their versatility, these colors can act as the staple color or as accents. Read on to discover more uses for these refreshing colors.


pantone.com | Event Design: East Made Co, Photographer: Lauren Fair Photography, Floral: Faye + Renee, Rentals: White Glove Rentals, Venue: Cairnwood Estate
Linen: Antique Lucia and Egret Sonoma, Napkin: Burnished Lilac Sonoma

With a rise in demand for more earth-toned hues, beiges such as Sandshell, are one of the chicest spring color trends. Offering a far subtler and more sophisticated option than any other color of high saturation. Sandshell is a soft, neutral, pale brown with the light crispness of white.

Ice Flow

pantone.com | Event Design: Madcap Cottage, Photography: Theo Milo Photography, Floral: Out of the Garden, Rentals: Ooh! Events
Linen: Bay Courtyard and Mist Bravado, Napkin: Oxford Hemstitch

Bringing us closer to those natural elements we often seek when designing, washed-out blues such as Ice Flow, have the ability to add serenity to any space. Ice Flow is a light, grayish arctic blue with a twilight undertone. It’s muted appearance makes it easy on the eyes and therefore suitable for use in large amounts. Due to the color traditionally associated with baby boys, it is often linked to youth and innocence.

Rose Dust

pantone.com | Designer: Events by JVB, Photography: True Grace Photography Floral: Andrew’s Garden Venue: Ravenswood Event Center
Linen: Sand Enzo and Cameo Rhythm, Chair Drape: Ivory Graceful

Among the most delicate colors, is Rose Dust, a subdued red with an oaky undertone. A diluted rose color bringing to mind feelings of love, sensitivity, and sweetness. Its delicate essence makes it the perfect stand-alone color when working to create a subtle romantic feel.

Laurel Green

pantone.com | Designer: MMD Events Photography: Justin DeMutiis Photography Venue: Armature Works
Linen: Succulent Faille and Basil Faille, Napkin: Bone Faille, Charger: Florence Mocha

An interesting color since it can sit somewhere between a neutral and a bold color pop, Laurel Green is a soft grayish, budding yellow with a sage undertone. It falls on the yellow side of the greens, and, thus, keeps some of the warmth from that hue. The gray in it, meanwhile, balances out the overall shade. As a green, it also communicates peace and growth and speaks of ecology and nature.


Each of this month’s colors can be intermixed amongst one another. Try using Ice Flow with Rose Dust to reflect connection and wellness. Unsurprisingly, because of their neutrality, colors like Sandshell become the perfect accent color for any other shade found in the color wheel.

For instance, Sandshell works beautifully with earthy tones, such as Laurel Green and vice versa. Laurel Green and Ice Flow also work well as accents as they both add earthiness without overpowering. For a modern and sophisticated palette, pair either of them with white or cool grays.


Top Left: Craftberry Bush | Top Right: Jenny B Photography, SRS Events, Airlie, Eight Tree Street Floral, Something Vintage | Overlay: Blooming Lace Linen: Lake Faille Napkin: Rose Quartz Velvet
Bottom Left: Tailored Twig, NK Productions, Cat Pennenga Photography, The Ritz Carlton Beach Club | Linen: Kiwi Fractal, Napkin: Peach Faille | Bottom Right: Finest Wallpaper

Looking for Inspiration
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In Nature


Green is one of the largest color associations of spring. As such Laurel Green is a reminder of all the new beginnings sprouting around us. Ice flow calls to mind visions of melting snow and flowing streams.

Inspired from sand’s off white and beige tones, Sandshell evokes a sense of calm, relaxation and dependable similar to the calming nature of the ocean’s shores.

Just as in nature, one of the best colors to pair with Ruse Dust is something with a shade of green, like Laurel Green.

Interior Design


Ideal Home, HGTV, Houzz | Linen: Ivory Contessa, Rain Faille, Rosewood Cora, Succulent Faille

All of these colors can add a fresh look to contemporary new modern builds, but they also can provide a warm and timeless appeal for consumers who lean more towards classic looks. Making them easy to incorporate into pretty much any home style.

The softer colors and safer neutrals leave bold colors to be express through accent items. Pair any of them with natural woods to add some texture.

The subtle hue in Laurel Green provides just the right pop of color and pairs well with marbles and other neutrals. Pair with minimal bright white furnishing to keep it feeling more modern and less country house.

Create a dusty, soft, and elegant palette by combining Laurel Green with cool-toned hues with gray undertones, like Sandshell or combine it with rich plums and violets for a more striking, high-contrast palette.

Being a color that represents charm and compassion, Rose Dust might just be the right color to help you create a delicate and welcoming room.  The subtle red hue is a warming solution for a romantic and restful bedroom. Pair it with warm neutrals, natural elements and soft textures for a delicate balance.



Vogue | The Fashion SpotVogue | Harpers Bazaar | Harpers Bazaar | Ecemella | Vogue

This winter season, the big names in fashion refuse to see all gray or all black. Instead, they have given a leading role to soft colors that will brighten the first season of the new year. Reminiscent of nature, Laurel Green is a beautiful, light color that is easy to style or pair.

Next to neutrals, there is no easier color to work with than blue. It is versatile, elegant, and refreshing. Ice Flow promises to bring freshness and calm after the previous seasons’ traditional autumnal color palette. You can either go all-in with an Ice Flow coat or simply add some accessories that introduce this color in a more discreet way.

Rose Dust can take any outfit to the next level. Whether you’re looking for some staple pieces to add to your wardrobe or hoping to find the perfect daytime dress, we recommend choosing Rose Dust as your go-to shade this season. It looks beautiful either in a long cocktail dress, in a professional blazer or in a small statement bag, capable of creating an outfit that is both elegant and stylish.

Event Design

Top: Sweetest Love Events, Devon Donnahoo Photography, Sibyl Sophia Floral Design, and Villa Del Sol D’Oro | Linen: Bone Faille, Runner: Ivory Graceful, Napkin: Flax Faille
2nd: Mollie Marrocco, The Newport Bride, Kearsten Taylor Photography, Bloom Floral Designs, Ryan Designs | Overlay: Blooming Lace Linen: Rain Faille Napkin: Rain Faille
3rd: Brick+Willow, Janet Lin Photography, Chloe Nicole Weddings, CORT Party Rentals, Mount Peak Farm | Linen: Rouge Ezra, Napkin: White Faille, Charger: Alabaster Blush
Bottom: Salvatore Cincotta, You Name It Events, Countryside Flower Shop, Invitations by Design, The Haight | Napkin: Celadon Lamour

Whether you want to capture the essence of spring or are looking ahead to great summer trends, our color crushes will help you create an unforgettable event. Check out our Pinterest for inspiration and the latest trends. We know you have many more creative ideas, so tag @BBJLinen on Instagram using #DecemberColorCrush to show us how you’ll use this month’s Color Crush. For more of our Color Crushes, check out our previous Color Crush blog posts.

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