Sustainable Practices

BBJ La Tavola may be known for our product, customer service, and quality, but we also recognize our obligation to reduce our carbon footprint. By conserving our resources, our operating costs remain as low as possible, allowing us to extend the best possible pricing to our customers. Understanding we all have a role in shaping our future, at BBJ La Tavola, we are continuously exploring opportunities to help further reduce our impact. We are always innovating to enhance our efforts; here are some examples:

UPS Carbon Neutral

We proudly partner with UPS to help offset our carbon footprint. As a member of their Carbon Neutral Program, any shipment sent via UPS is offset through verified environmental projects worldwide.

Recycle and Reuse

Return Duffel Bags

We reduce our impact on landfills by eliminating plastic bags and utilize duffel bags, which have many years of multiple uses.

Paper and Cardboard

We purchase partially recycled cardboard boxes and continuously recycle our used cardboard boxes and hangers.

Plastic Bags

BBJ La Tavola uses biodegradable plastic bags, which reduce the landfill load, have an 8-month shelf life, and are 100% recyclable.

Skids and Scrap Metal

All wooden skids are reused and then recycled, and all scrap metal is given to a recycling plant for conversion into another product.

Energy Conservation

Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers capture energy from hot water as it leaves our washers and warms the incoming cool tap water for the next wash cycle. This changes the temperature by 40 – 50 degrees, thereby reducing our use of gas and electricity, as well as reducing the load on the municipal treatment plant.

Press Shut-Down

We completely shut down our presses when not in use, rather than letting them idle, and run our boilers only when necessary.


Our HVAC system conserves energy by moderating temperatures on a zone-based occupancy plan and maintaining seasonally appropriate temperatures when vacant.

Water Conservation

Brine Reuse System

Our brine-reuse system allows us to conserve both water and salt for our laundry.

PH Control System

The strict control of the PH level that is discharged into the sewer system minimizes any potential damage to the municipal system and reduces the energy required at the municipal treatment plant.