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Graceful Ivory Chair Drape

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Fabricated size is 60″L X 50″W.

Beauty and Grace…the epitome of our unique line of chair décor…Graceful Chair Drapes. Made of an elegant chiffon, most commonly seen in fashionable formal wear, it is loved for its ability to drape well, and adds an ethereal flowy appearance. Our Gracefuls are rich in color (and offered in ten stylish hues), which will add the right amount of glam to any event you dream. Our Ivory Graceful is a warmer creamy neutral tone, that will add just the perfect mix for all colors. With no seams, our Chair Drapes are designed to allow a myriad of stylings for a plethora of chairs available at your fingertips. You will be able to drape and cover with ease, with the perfect amount of fashion while you explore your creativity. Share with us your designs…we know there are endless possibilities waiting.

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