February, 20, 2020

5 Unexpected Tablescape Details that Make Your Event Memorable

When planning an event, it’s always easy to make the biggest decisions first: the venue, the color scheme, the floral arrangements. But when you go over those details with a fine-toothed comb, do you ever feel like something is missing? Here are five unexpected details that will make your next event one for the ages.

5) Charger Plates

table decor, charger, velvet napkin, sequin tablecloth
Design: Revel Décor, Photography: Phillip Van Nostrand Photography, Venue: Revel Fulton Market
Table Linen: Luster Mermaid Sequin, Napkin: Lotus Sonoma, Charger: Alabaster Blush

If there’s any detail that can take an event to the next level, it’s a charger plate. This element can work in many ways, from tying in your color scheme to adding a hint of glitz and glamor to an otherwise subdued design. Chargers provide a seamless transition from the linen to the napkin and highlight the dishes served to your guests.

4) Napkins & Napkin Rings

napkin ring, napkin accessoriesDesigner: Kehoe Designs, Venue: The Geraghty
Table Linen: Silver Lexi, Napkin: Cameo Shantung, Napkin Ring: Silver Regency, Charger: Starlight Gold Pearl

When it comes to executing your event, napkins can speak volumes. You can choose a bold color or pattern if you want your table to showcase more personality. If you prefer a softer or more muted design, a solid-color napkin can match your color scheme and give your event a classic look. Napkin rings accentuate the texture and color of your napkins while an intricate fold brings a heightened sense of luxury to your table.

3) Chair Ties

black tie event, sequin tablecloth, chair ties, luxury eventDesigner: Michelle Leo Events, Floral: Flower Native Company, Photography: Heather Nan, Venue, Eccles Performing Arts Center
Table Linen: Zelda Overlay with Cameo Shantung, Napkin: Black Lamour, Chair Ties: Black Lamour

If you want to give your chairs some extra personality, chair ties are a must-have detail. They can be paired with a monochromatic napkin or they can add a bold color to an otherwise neutral tablescape. Any way they are used, chair ties are the perfect touch for your table—without even being on it.

2) Table Runners

sequin runner, table runner, Designer: Debi Lily – A Perfect Event, Photography: Carasco Photography, Venue: City View Loft Chicago
Table Runner: Mercury Sequin, Napkin: White Lamour

Table runners are a key design detail that is often underrated and overlooked. It can be the addition that a tablescape needs to connect a centerpiece with the rest of the table or even take the place of linen for longer tables. Fit for any occasion, runners can add texture and character without being overbearing and stealing the show.

1) Chair Drapes

chair drapes, chair covers, graceful linen, Designer: Style Perfect Events, Photography: Ariel Perry, Floral: From this Day Forward, Rentals: Carolina Charm Rentals, Party Reflections, Venue: Historic Salisbury Train Depot
Table Linen: Ivory Maxwell, Napkin: Bone Faille, Chair Drape: Ivory Graceful

Depicted as a happy mélange between chair ties and covers, chair drapes emphasize a chair’s shape without hiding its full-frame. Their soft hues complement any color scheme, and their smooth, slender texture makes them the perfect chair accessory without being intrusive to your guests’ space.

What is one event detail that you can’t live without?

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