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Sequin Mercury Table Runner

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A Match Made in Heaven

20″ X 108″, with a 1″ hem and straight ends. Photographed over Platinum Lamour.

The scientific element of metallic silver, the planet that revolves around the sun, the Roman God of yore. Our Mercury Sequin is in remarkable company with all of its namesakes. Upon close inspection, you will see Chestnut, Eggplant, and Gunmetal surrounding the soft gray within this pattern. Not as shiny as most sequins you will find, our matte-faced sequins reflect just enough light to create a presence like you haven’t seen before. Sewn to a sheer gray fabric, the choice of an under cloth is yours, since you may love the effect you create without one. If you are looking for a wonderful pairing of Silver and Bronze, take a look at our Venus Sequin, which is simply divine!

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