May, 29, 2019

3 Design Tips to Master Modern Minimalist Style for Your Event Design This Summer

These days, the modern minimalist look is increasingly popular. You don’t have to scroll far on most Instagram feeds to run into photo after photo of simple and stylish events. These events have a tendency to look so effortless and so well-curated that it’s hard to imagine Marie Kondo-ing all of that décor that you’ve fallen head over heels for.

We’re here to tell you that, if you’ve fallen in love with this aesthetic, a modern minimal look for your next event can absolutely become a reality. We’ve laid out the three modern minimalist looks and key tips you need to know to make it happen.  Read on to find out how to pull off modern minimalism the right way.

Modern Mirror TablescapeKehoe Designs | The Geraghty | Floral Exhibits

1. Keep Your Palette Simple

Modern Minimalist Living Coral TablescapeKehoe Designs | The Geraghty | Floral Exhibits

Modern minimalist designs are all about creating a simple and clean look. Your color choices need to carry through on that goal. Traditionally, these spaces rely on a monochromatic palette, but if you’d like your event to feel a bit less stark, feel free to branch out into warmer shades.  Incorporating Living Coral or Sweet Lilac into your summer event palette is a great way to include warm tones.

When you’re building an environment with almost entirely neutrals, it’s crucial to add enough variety to keep the space from looking too alike and, basically… boring. For this, the 60/30/10 rule is key. Choose one shade to be the dominant color for your event, another to act as a coordinating secondary color, and a third that’s reserved for impactful accents.

Sweet Lilac TablescapeCandace Elaine Events | Caitlin Hamilton Photography | Colorado Southern Charm | Tasharae Designs 

2. Focus on Décor

Hygge Modern Ivory TablescapePhillip Van Nostrand Photography | Revel Decor | Revel Fulton Market

In modern minimalist event designs, décor is vital. Since these décor elements you incorporate in your design play such a central role in your event, they should be worthwhile. Don’t be afraid to be bold and unexpected, you want elements that stand up to the amount of attention they’ll receive. As far as aesthetics go, focus on choosing décor elements that also drive home a minimalist feel. Opt for simple, clean lines and natural materials whenever possible.

3. Choose Accents Wisely

Modern Minimalist TablescapeWiley Putnam Photography | Melanie Benson Floral Design | A. Renee Weddings & Events

A common misconception is that modern minimalist looks don’t have room for accessories. In fact, they are a critical component of the design’s success. Event designs this simple can look sparse on their own. The addition of a few, well-placed and well-contemplated accessories act as a finishing touch that pulls the entire design together.

Modern Hygge Design TablescapePhillip Van Nostrand Photography | Revel Decor | Revel Fulton Market

Who doesn’t love the minimalist look? With its clean lines and emphasis on simplicity, it really does showcase some of the best elements of interior design. Follow our tips to create a modern minimalist event design that is striking but simple.


What do you think of the modern minimalist look? Will you be trying it out in your next event design? Share your modern minimalist look with us on Instagram.

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