April, 07, 2016

Creating Modern Looks With Cuffed Highboy Tables


When you’re dressing up a modern venue for an event, cuffed highboy tables can enhance the overall look. Additionally, because many modern events feature things like cocktail hours or trays of hors d’ouevres instead of a sit-down meal, you may need to find some tables and décor that accommodates guests’ time socializing. We love the look of highboy tables for these settings‚ not only are they highly sophisticated, but there are a number of ways to accessorize them.

Understated Elegance


In this look, the highboys are draped with Blue Cotier table linen and topped off with the Silver Compass table cuff. Set against the neutral-toned brick walls and adorned with small candles and a globe for extra fun, it’s an interesting look that speaks for itself.

The centerpiece here is an offset globe paired with two small candles‚ a modern take on the classic centerpiece. Where usually a dramatic bouquet draws the eye in, this unique approach is unexpected but great looking!

Simple Silver and Steel


Outdoor at the same venue, the table linen was lightened up to provide a gorgeous contrast to the indoor décor. Here, we have Silver Cotier table linen and Black Compass table cuffs, which pick up the steely shade from the nearby railings.

This venue had space for indoor and outdoor gathering, perfect for larger events, and the outdoor décor featured the silver-draped tables with beautiful, rich red roses.


Interesting venue art such as this metal horse makes this event a fun one for guests, with plenty of opportunities for great photos.

Modern venue décor doesn’t have to be complicated‚ with these highboy tables and cuffs, less is more. They create a striking look, and allow the natural beauty of the venue to shine.


Perfect for virtually any event that needs modern décor, topping highboy tables with linen and cuffs is a quick and simple way to make any space look elegant and on-trend. Additionally, the centerpieces used on these tables offered a romantic touch, with not only gorgeous red rose bouquets, but with sprinkled rose petals and inviting votive candles. It’s a look that’s bold yet balanced‚ it lets the highboy table look shine.

What’s your favorite modern look for tables in trendy venues? Let us know your favorite ideas you’ve seen!

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