March, 11, 2020

How to Plan the Perfect Post-Trade Show Cocktail Reception

In any field of work, networking is a crucial aspect, and there’s no place that’s better than a trade show to do so. Receptions typically take place after trade shows to allow guests to connect in a more casual setting, but there are many factors to consider other than the venue and guest list. Here are some facets of planning a post-trade show cocktail reception that you may be missing.

Select a Theme

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Table Linen: Federal Shantung, Napkin: Ruby Classic

Finding the right theme is important for any event. If you’re having trouble choosing a theme, think about what colors you want to work with or what message you want to convey. Creating mood boards can help you match your theme to the colors you want to use. Whether it’s an aquatic or western theme or anywhere in between, linen can draw inspiration into every design.

Play with Appetizers

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Table Linen: Ivory Contessa

When it comes to choosing what appetizers to serve, the hardest aspect is catering to your audience. Some guests may prefer healthier options while others dislike certain foods or have other dietary restrictions. The best way to prepare for this is to make sure your appetizers aren’t limited to only one or two options. Having a small yet diverse medley of options will keep everyone pleased and fed.

Other aspects to consider are your theme and presentation. Matching your food to your theme or color scheme will have the entire room impressed, and its visual appeal can be that touch you’re missing to tie your whole event together. Serving your appetizers on a charger or linen can be the perfect effect: elegant and memorable, yet not distracting.

Make Prime Areas for Mingling

Table Linen: Saffron Delirium Shantung & Saffron Shantung

This is a very crucial detail to remember; how an event space is laid out can determine the entire flow of the room. To ensure there aren’t solely couches and chairs for groups to mingle on, expand the space to include cocktail tables and highboys. They become an inviting focal point without limiting group capacity such as a three-person couch can.

Keep in mind the layout of the room if there is a speaker. Configuring the furniture to the area where the speaker will present guarantees your audience’s attention.

Don’t Forget the Décor

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Custom Pillows: Atelier

While it’s always important to create an inviting atmosphere for your guests, remember that your event needs to tie back to your company and what you want to convey to your partygoers. Need inspiration? Pair your company’s logo with accessories—highboys, pillows, or napkins—that have similar hues. This ties your event back to your company without being too obvious and overbearing to guests.

Throughout the party-planning process, keep in mind that the goal of your event is to create a relaxing atmosphere where people can easily engage with others. With these tips, your networking event will be a night to remember, and your guests will create lasting relationships for years to come.

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