June, 01, 2017

Atelier: Discover the Drive and Passion

Atelier is a division of BBJ Linen, the nation’s leading specialty linen rental company. Atelier brings the hottest fashion trends into the event industry and beyond. The studio can create any custom special request outside of standard rental. From a simple detailed napkin for purchase to a couture cake cloth for rental and so much more in between. We sat down with Valentina Krug, custom design executive of Atelier, to discover her passion and inspirtaion.

Azure Agate Table Linen and Matching Atelier Skirt | Atelier by BBJ Linen

What inspires you?

Travel and family has always been the fuel to my inspiration. My family has inspired me by teaching me that with hard work, ethics, and guts, you can succeed in anything you put your mind into. As immigrants, they are a true example of the American dream and are the foundation of my success.

Palm Leaf Custom Made Table Runner | Atelier by BBJ LinenMcNabb Roick Events | SBI

Traveling has consistently been one of the most thrilling parts of my life. At a young age, I made it a goal of mine to experience the world. The places, stories, history, and people have shifted the way I think and have given my designs meanings and emotions. I mean if you can’t feel inspired by sailing through the Nile River, or watching the sunrise at the Maasai Mara National Park, I’m not sure what can. It is though experiences, vision, and inspiration that one can express an identity and truly be unique.


Damask Floral Print Custom Made Napkin | Atelier by BBJ Linen

How did you become the Atelier Custom Design Executive at BBJ Linen?

Traveling being an extensive part of who I am, I wanted to take a summer vacation overseas, that’s when I took a part time job at BBJ Linen. The job consistently took me around town and to a variety of venues and hotels where I would set up for events. Working behind the scenes, I got to witness the beauty of the industry. I felt ambitious after seeing the true art and hard work of florist, caterers, designers, and event planners; it moved me. When I came back from my vacation, I decided to switch my major from Architecture to Business. Simultaneously, BBJ Linen was in the works of a new concept that is now known as Atelier. Bringing this part of the company to life and the achievements that it’s had proved to me that no matter how much you plan for the future, life takes unexpected turns. It doesn’t always mean that it will be easy and probably never will, but that’s what makes it worth it.

Custom Menu Printed Napkins and Henna Mandala Print Table Linen | Atelier by BBJ LinenLeft: Ben Q Photography – Food Glorious Food | Right: Lola Event Productions – Jennifer Kathryn

What is the one thing people should know about Atelier?

Our meticulous team helps drive the department. We are passionate and that’s what motivates us with the daily challenges. Our vision and hard work makes it possible to make any fabric into anything a customer could wish for. We think beyond the box and that’s what makes us unique; not being tied down to one category we’ve: custom printed artwork onto table cloths, groomsmen bowties, drapes, oversized pillows, outsourced and redesigned printed textiles. The possibilities are limitless for us and that’s the true beauty of Atelier.

Red Printed Custom Made Table Linen | Atelier by BBJ LinenMcNabb Roick Events | SBI

What is the craziest thing you’ve done for a client?

The most challenging, and still rewarding, has been 24-hour emergency turnarounds. We had a client whose linen provider couldn’t deliver at the last minute. I’m a problem solver and from the minute we were informed about this, I knew exactly what vendor had the fabric and overnighted the yards to arrive Saturday morning. While I was cutting, my co-worker was sewing. Remember when I said, we are driven by challenges? This certainly was one. We did everything to get the table cloths from our hands to the customers. I realized that the 3 years of Architecture made this exact moment possible. I want to keep expressing that no challenge is impossible for us.

Custom Printed Menu on Napkin | Atelier by BBJ LinenBen Q Photography | Food Glorious Food

What is one look/design you are dying to do?

I’m eagerly waiting to do an acrylic painted table cloth. On my downtime, I love to paint and I envision a Monet type of floral print, painting a few flowers, and creating a cascade that would go from the top of the table to the drop. I’ve always been drawn to the arts and while I was in college I had the opportunity to take painting classes. There where times when I couldn’t afford to buy a canvas and I would make an impromptu canvas out of wood and an old table linen. I love finding solutions to all my problems and it’s an area I like to get creative with.

Custom Made Mandala Design Napkin | Atelier by BBJ LinenLola Event Productions | Jennifer Kathryn

What do you think is the next big thing for special event design?

In my opinion, the next big special thing in event design for 2018 will be ethnic and culture. Even though we are going through a rough period of time in our country, we have an abundance of beautifully diverse and vibrant cultures that should be celebrated. I imagine a Venetian Gala, with the musicians battling each other from one corner of the ballroom to the other, just like at the Piazza San Marcos in Venice every night, or a Japanese garden party, or even an Egyptian night, pretending that we are sailing across the Nile river.