January, 02, 2018

2018 Wedding Trends

The best wedding ceremony and reception always reflect the personalities of the couple, and cater to their style and color preferences. New trends for 2018 will lead to a stunning departure from the what we’ve seen recently. 

For the past few years, wedding styles have been a bit subdued — personal and relaxed may be a better description — but in the coming year, the forecast is for big statements! Dramatic decor, bold colors, oversize floral decorations, colorful banners hung from the ceiling, doughnut walls and “living bars,” translucent tents and edible place cards (yes, really) are predicted by some wedding planners.

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Whatever unique wedding ideas the new year brings, BBJ is ready with a comprehensive line of table linen, drapes, chair covers and ties, unique chargers and table accessories to complement your theme and your decor.

Whether you decide to mix and match to reflect the individual personalities of bride and groom, or you embrace a unique cultural tradition that requires attention to specific details for both ceremony and reception, we can’t wait work with you to make the celebration perfect!

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Here are some 2018 wedding trends that we expect to see a lot of:

Wedding Color Trends for 2018

Colors during past seasons have contained a mix of jewel tones, traditional black and white, and a predominance of pink, peach and blush tones, with natural neutrals and soothing greens thrown into the mix.

Pantone-Inspired Color Palettes


Pantone, the world’s color trendsetter, recently selected ultra violet as its 2018 Color of the Year, drawing from both pop culture and nature for a tone that is “dramatically provocative and thoughtful.” It’s definitely no “shrinking violet,” but rather a timely departure from the norm. We expect it to make an appearance for 2018 wedding reception trends early in the year, because there is something innately appealing about a tone this unique.

Event planners are also abuzz with new thematic directions for wedding decor, and they go hand in hand with the unusual color choice to communicate “originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking.” It’s an exciting time that draws upon “new technologies, artistic expression and spiritual reflection,” notes a Pantone spokesperson. We think it fits perfectly with ethereal and mystical themes that are trending for 2018. The added bonus: purple is abundant in florals, so there are tons of ways to incorporate this hot hue. The color is intuitive, lively and a bit mysterious. So are some of the suggested wedding venue trends for 2018.  

Navy Palettes Become the New Black

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Some designers point to deep navy as “the new black” for wedding decor. Navy is regal, elegant and oozes sophistication. Play it up at your wedding with neutrals for a new take on modern.

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Elegant and Bold Metallic Palettes

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While metallics continue to shine for event decor, a popular design direction for the coming year is retro. Remember the shiny chrome of the 70s? Gold, brass and copper, even darker bronze tones and patinated metallics will not disappear, but chrome returns to add new sparkle and grace, along with the more subdued glow of silver, to 2018 celebrations.

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Sequins and Nature-Inspired Colors and Patterns


Sequins dominated the fashion runways for Spring 2018. Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Oscar de la Renta, and Michael Kors shows all featured these sparkling beauties, and we expect to see them playing a part in weddings this coming year. While sequins have been trending for a few years, we see people adding more patterned sequins, with loose shapes. Our new mermaid sequin works perfectly with this trend as you can make your own pattern in this interactive cloth.

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Nature-inspired fabrics like linens and fabrics that have a natural feel to them will continue to trend in 2018. From natural color patterns to marble or geodes, nature-inspired looks inspiration from our surrounds can help create stunning events.

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2018 Wedding Décor Trends

In 2017, we saw wedding trends that were loved and adored. While we’re not saying goodbye to them all, they are being replaced with new styles that will keep 2018 feeling fresh and on-trend.

Rustic and Nature-Inspired Décor

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It’s more than semantics: natural themes will still be popular for 2018 weddings, but with a twist. Couples can embrace nature — even have the ceremony in a field or a barn, but leave the kitsch in the past. The newer look is elegantly romantic.

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Vintage Wedding Décor

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Vintage themes are appropriate — family heirlooms, antique jewelry, steamer trunks and hard-sided luggage as props, old-world travel memorabilia, classic automobiles and ethnic traditions. 

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Simplistic and Futuristic Décor

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Incorporate modern or futuristic decor as well, if it suits your personality. Tented outdoor receptions might feature translucent sides, and futuristic seating of see-through acrylic will make guests feel that they’re seated on air. Beach weddings may offer simple white or sand-colored “poufs” as ceremony seating. 

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Graphic and Patterned Décor


Use graphically patterned green and white table linen and floral napkins, or mix textured linen with stripes or checks for an inviting outdoor picnic atmosphere at a spring reception. Use moss and twigs as part of a floral centerpiece and give a nod to the color of the year by mixing delicate violets into the bridal bouquet.

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Unique Wedding Ideas in 2018

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Everyone wants his or her wedding to be one to remember. Why not give your guests a night they’ll never forget with some of these unique wedding ideas for 2018?

Cultural Expressions and Destination Wedding Ideas

Formal in the coming year is just as likely to lead to an “all-white” expression, or to incorporate cultural traditions that include dramatic, spicy colors, exotic fabrics and dramatic ceremonies.  09-cultural.pngAshley Rae Photogrpahy | Saje Photography | Glamour and Woods | The Wild Florwer | Fancy Loud Designs

Transport wedding guests, either virtually or in reality, to a destination that has special meaning, whether it represents family heritage or a passionate interest. A formal wedding can include the bright colors (and styles) of India, including linen and silks, or a green garden filled with antique marble and potted topiary that’s reminiscent of Elizabethan England or the chateau country of France.

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Down home formality might also translate into the “Sunday best” traditions of small town America, with an emphasis on family and heritage. Incorporate the colors of blue sky and waving wheat fields into your reception decor, and add checkered napkins and bright sunflowers to add joy to your day!


Creative Wedding Décor Ideas

The ceiling is a new direction in 2018 wedding reception trends. 

Fill that space with balloons in crayon box bright colors and capture the childhood excitement of being “under the big top.” Accent traditionally elegant white table linen with vibrant arrangements and the spark of colorful napkins for a memorable, youthful celebration.

Dramatic Florals and Accents

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Hang dramatic flowers and greenery to fill the room with an oh so dramatic and ethereal mid-summer night dream vibe. Mix with candle light for the ultimate in romantic evening.

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Capture the beauty of a night sky studded with stars by stringing glittering white lights from the rafters; drape your tables with textured velvet in dark colors (think deep purple or dark navy) and add polished damask napkins and gleaming silver for sophistication.  Pop in some sequins for celestial enhancements.

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Strive for balance in the new wedding trends for 2018, and remember that there is also a place for whimsy — no matter what theme and color scheme you choose for your 2018 wedding celebration, fill it with fun! BBJ Linen will help you express yourself for the world to see!  

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Create your own 2018 wedding decor trends by taking advantage of our Virtual Design Center.