May, 16, 2024

Unveiling Our Latest Collection: Disco in Bloom- A Fusion of Retro and Floral Linen

Let your young spirit fly free with our new collection launch of Disco in Bloom linens. These retro-inspired linens, adorned by floral patterns and vibrant colors, urge partygoers to tap into their imagination and effortlessly uncover the energy and brightness every celebration seeks to evoke.

A direct homage to unforgettable nights and timeless dancefloor memories, Disco in Bloom pays tribute to the enduring allure of enchanted flowers and the rhythmic beats of disco hours. But beyond the colors and patterns it provides, this collection represents more than just linens; it’s a narrative waiting to unfold- a tale of contrast and complement, where the lively ambiance of disco nights merges seamlessly with the elegance of a garden party. With a plethora of combinations and endless possibilities, Disco in Bloom promises to captivate the imagination and leave a lasting impression that resonates for a lifetime.

As if the visual allure of these linens isn’t enough to transport you to your disco era, incorporating them into your upcoming event ensures you’re on-trend with the latest in 2024 event fashion. As highlighted in a recent article from The Bash titled “The Top Party Trends for 2024,” one predicted trend is the “Retro Revival.” The article encourages party planners to embrace elements like disco balls, neon lights, and classic arcade games—a trend perfectly embodied by our Disco in Bloom collection.


Boogaloo Ultraviolet and Cherry are the stars of the show at any event, promising the pop of color every occasion needs. Accomplishing the ode to enchanted flowers and graceful gardens this collection seeks to achieve; these linens are sure to capture any and everyone’s eyes at a whimsical gathering. If you look closely, multicolored florals and butterflies take precedent on this magical design, making our imaginations run wild. We can’t wait to see all the pairings that come to life using Boogaloo.

  • Ultraviolet

Boogaloo Ultraviolet

While you can’t go wrong with either of the Boogaloo options, if you’re aiming to complement a palette of any combination of white, navy, light blue, peach purple, and dusty rose, Boogaloo Ultraviolet is your perfect match.

  • Cherry
Boogaloo Cherry

Somehow even more vibrant and energetic, Boogaloo Cherry utilizes vibrant hues of darker and lighter greens along with muted reds, yellows, blues, and fuchsia purples, resulting in a fantastic pattern that captures our design-loving hearts.

Glitterati Prism

Fun knows no limits when it comes to this equally colorful and sparkly design. Including hues of blue, purple, orange, yellow, green, and black, Glitterati Prism promises to be the life of any party. Embrace your inner child and let these lively sequins ignite joy into any and every one of your events.

Glitterati Prism


While maintaining its playful essence, Disco in Bloom showcases a new level of subtlety and delicacy with Trixie. Intriguing shapes unfold across each color variation Trixie offers, evoking a sense of “magical bloom”.

  • Teal
Trixie Teal

This elegant teal pattern overlayed on a neutral setting is a natural show-stopper. Be bold and choose Trixie Teal for an electrifying burst of color that will make your event unforgettable!

  • Candy
Trixie Candy

Disco in Bloom is all about spunk, and we couldn’t think of a better way to represent that than with Trixie Candy, featuring a botanical ikat candy pink pattern laid over neutral netting.

  • Goldie

Trixie Goldie

Trixie Goldie, a botanical ikat golden pattern on a neutral mesh, is sure to bring cheer and sunshine to any celebration.


You know what they say- “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” and we think they may have been talking about Tempo when they said it! Diamonds of every size take part in this fun-loving design, and we can’t get enough.

  • Ultraviolet

Tempo Ultraviolet

Happen to be looking for something radiant and lavish? Well, then this zigzag zest chromatic rhythm, in shades of purple and white called Tempo Ultraviolet, is the linen choice for you.

  • Tangerine
Tempo Tangerine

If you’re looking to refresh your event mood board with a tangerine and white-geometric-lined design, Tempo Tangerine is the perfect choice and is guaranteed to add some zest to your life.

  • Cherry

Tempo Cherry

Daring and lively, this vivid red and white geometric-lined design called Tempo Cherry adds a touch of classic romance to the collection.


While your rave days may be over, it doesn’t mean Disco in Bloom’s are. Rave Retro and Sugarpop pump up any party, drawing inspiration from a classic 70s retro design. The “good old days” come alive with Rave and bring along promises of the grooviest night ahead. Whether you chose Retro or Sugarpop, these themed event rentals are a blast from the past in the best way possible.

  • Retro

Rave Retro

A mix of white, black, orange, pink, light green, and blue and Picasso-inspired, our Rave Retro table linen embodies a vivacious spin on retro design.

  • Suagrpop
Rave Sugarpop

Shades of salmon, dark pink, light purple, yellow, orange, light beige, and white make up all that is Rave Sugarpop, and we’re obsessed! Include this candy-inspired aesthetic into any indoor and outdoor event.

After browsing through all of our fabulous Disco in Bloom options, it’s evident that each linen was meticulously crafted with its own distinct character, all within the overarching theme of a floral garden party meets retro disco. Therefore, choosing any one of these options would accomplish another 2024 event trend: “doing more with less.” While it’s true you could invest considerable time and budget into additional decorations and accessories, selecting Disco in Bloom linens enables event planners to streamline design. The vibrant patterns within the collection speak for themselves, dissipating the need for extensive décor.

Amidst the diverse array of selections, each Disco in Bloom linen exudes its own unique design, blending the essence of retro beats with floral treats. From the fun-loving feel of Trixie to the dazzling allure of Glitterati Prism and nostalgia Rave Retro evokes, our new collection offers something for every taste and energetic occasion. By selecting Disco in Bloom, event planners can effortlessly achieve more with less, embracing the 2024 trend of “Retro Revival”. Let these linens serve as the centerpiece of your celebration, allowing their individualistic patterns to set the stage for memorable gatherings and joyous experiences. Cheers to events filled with creativity, excitement, and most importantly, Disco in Bloom!


Special thanks to our vendor partners.

  • Photographer: Fine and Fleurie @fineandfleurie
  • Florist: FLORIST BLUE JASMINE @bluejasminefloral