February, 28, 2018

Top 35 Table Designs for Events

Every event has its own style. Whether you’re planning a vintage wedding, a luxurious gala or a black tie charity event, there is always the perfect linen to go with. As BBJ Linen is celebrating our 35th anniversary this year, we wanted to give you an inside look at our favorite linen and table designs for different events. 


Whether you’re celebrating a lifetime achievement or looking to support a deeply meaningful cause, a Gala should be a night to remember. Many of your major influencers will be in one place to celebrate and support your mission, you’ll want to use this opportunity to spark passion and build a strong connection with your attendees. Regal and statement-making design choices is an awe-inspiring way to dazzle your audience.

1. Aubergine Marble

1.pngCurate Plan Style | Chez Chicago | Cattura Weddings | HMR Designs

Exemplifying elegance, the swirling textured pattern just begs for the mix of solid aubergine accents, golden accessories and the lightness of white! It’s an excessively beautiful feast for the eyes! 

2. Prado

prado.pngKehoe Designs

Shimmering and shadow like, this patterned linen forms a beautiful base for shimmering silver and dusky chargers and napkins. Unexpectedly vibrant flowers add just the right spark.

3. Interlock Glam

3.pngKehoe Designs

Despite its diminutive size, the napkin becomes the inspiration for the restrained glamour of the entire table setting. The pattern demands to be noticed, but doesn’t overwhelm.

4. Pink Radar

4.pngFlorence + Graham

Vibrant hues and a gloriously exuberant pattern establish the mood; perfection is achieved with a single complementary color and a floral display that lightens and brightens.

5. Silver Birch

5.pngWonderStruck Event Design

The overall effect is one of shimmering opulence. Table linen and napkins glow and sparkle, and nothing intrudes to disrupt the elegant mood.


New Blush

Blush, rose gold, and millennial pink have all had their moment in the spotlight in the past year. These rosy hues have been trending in fashion, home decor, packing and even hair color. This love for pink isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but you’ll see it used in deeper or more lilac tones in 2018.

6. Ballet Mariana

ballet-mariana.pngFlorence + Graham

It’s sophisticated and demure at the same time, and the embroidered elegance of Ballet Mariana is perfect counterpoint to a simple tablescape of gold and white punctuated with a colorful, garden-fresh floral centerpiece.

7. Rose Quartz Velvet

rose-quartz-velvet.png8.pngThe Dri Skill | Stem Floral | Birch and Brass | Unique Designs and Events | 36th Street Events Creative Planning & Design

As calming as a soft snowfall, but as warming as a glowing fire, this table linen establishes just the right mood for a tasteful celebration. Complimentary soft tones of the graceful floral display add to the charm.

8. Smoky Marble

9.png10.pngNoel Perrone | Rony A and Co | KP Designs Floral

Artistry in motion: swirling pattern with tone-on-tone expression. It’s hard to find words to express the appeal of this linen. This table setting is perfectly orchestrated to showcase simplicity. A gorgeous floral centerpiece is icing on the cake.

9. Lotus Sonoma

lotus-sonoma.pngDebi Lilly | A Perfect Event

Sometimes it’s the colors of the flowers and the unique mix of chargers, china and crystal that you want to stand out. The linen’s textured weave and glowing color allow that, and a simple napkin in a coordinating hue reinforces the effect.

10. Zelda

13.pngHMR Designs

Sequins shine in structured pattern on this exciting linen. It only takes a bit of gold and a napkin in a beautiful blush to capture both the drama and the soft appeal of a dazzling floral arrangement. Extraordinary!


Black & White

A classic for any event, black and white are great minimalist choices. These black and white table linen have a certain je ne sais quoi that will make your tablescape that much more spectacular.

11. Onyx Digital

14.png15.pngKehoe Designs

It’s dramatic, with a texture and eye-popping color that are simply mesmerizing. Paired with gold and brilliant orchid, and tempered with pale violet solid napkins, this table setting is unforgettable! 

12. Onyx Coco

16.pngKehoe Designs

Contemporary to the max, this dazzling linen steals the show! Patterned napkins add a spicy dash, but even the floral centerpiece plays only a supporting role in this invigorating table drama. It’s a smash hit.

13. Pearl Digital

17.pngKehoe Designs

Pure white with a surprisingly bold graphic pattern is the catalyst for a coordinated theme that relies on tone-on-tone color in chair cushions, napkins and colorful centerpiece. It’s all so beautifully fresh and coordinated. 

14. Azari

18.png19.pngKehoe Designs

The mood here is exotic, beginning with the black and white pattern of the table linen, and the burnished gold of the napkins. Then it’s the details that are so wonderfully curated: Repeating golden accents, a layering of orchid tones, more black and more silver, and a dash of white for relief. 

15. White Taurus

20.pngDebi Lilly | A Perfect Event

The graphic black and white graphic of the table runner adds to the sunny glow of underlying solid linen and spirited yellow tulips. Playing a single pattern against a strikingly vivid color requires a deft hand. 



Metal finishes will never go out of style, they’re a neutral go-to when designing a chic table design. It’s all about balance, finish and movement with these top metallic picks.

16. Gilded Jakarta

21.pngHMR Designs

Understated color schemes often benefit from pattern; the oversize but controlled pattern of this table linen sets the tone for a stylish gold and cream theme that is infinitely appealing. 

17. Entangled

22.pngKehoe Designs

Never underestimate the WOW factor of brilliant gold. This gorgeous graphic linen speaks volumes about style and celebration. Little else is needed!

18. Copper Allure

copper-allure.pngHMR Designs

One of our favorites, Copper Allure combines textural appeal, rich colors and the surprise of trendy metallic threads. It’s a gloriously glowing way to enliven a traditional table. 

19. Magma

magma.pngHMR Designs

This linen virtually oozes style! By combining both gold and silver threads, Magma leaves all options on the table for a stunning display at any event.

20. Silver Nova

25.png26.pngKehoe Designs

Silver Nova wins a gold medal for excellent design. Combined with golden accents and napkins with a two-toned presence, this glittery linen is a stellar example of understated elegance. The oversized centerpiece and unusual accessories are spectacular.


On Trend

Staying ahead of the curve can be difficult, with how quickly fashion changes. We’re always looking ahead to find the next “it” linen, and we’ve been paying attention to the next bit need-to-know looks to keep you tablescape looking avant-garde.

21. Mermaid Sequin

mermaid-sequin.pngmermaid-sequin-2.pngCurate Plan Style | Chez Chicago | Cattura Weddings | HMR Designs

As mesmerizing as its name implies, this linen opens new possibilities every time. Here it dazzles with a contemporary mix of black and white, along with brilliant color. Napkins in a coordinating but playful tone add to the mix.

22. Velvet

29.png30.pngFleur Inc. | The Lakewood | Minted

Light plays off velvet, adding depth and dimension to any setting. Whether your preference is for light or dark, moody or vibrant, the current trendiness of velvet table linen allows for free expression. 

23. Azure Agate

31.pngHMR Designs

Geodes and earthy minerals are attention-getters in any form. The swirling patterns and soothing colors of Azure Agate offer abundant charm, and allow event settings to move in numerous different directions. Mining the possibilities is half the fun!

24. Arroyo

32.pngHMR Designs | Brique

Reminiscent of the American Southwest, Arroyo brings a natural appeal and honest charm to any table setting. By blending well with natural woods and desert hues, this linen lends upscale appeal and a unique personality to casual gatherings.

25. Rouge Ezra

33.pngPop Parties | Shannon Skloss Weddings

Understated, but with a worldly presence, Rouge Ezra is the underpinning for an endearing luncheon setting that is anything but stodgy. An autumn mix of blooms and black chairs adds contrast to the simple color scheme, bringing light and balance to a wood-paneled room. 



Planning a wedding in 2018? This year is all about texture! Three-dimensional fabrics, layered sheers and textural patterns are a few playful ways to embrace this wedding trend.

26. Blooming Lace

34.png35.pngBlithewold Mansion | Lynne Reznick Photography | Artistic Blooms | Urban Soiree Boston

Does it get any sweeter than lace and ribbons? This open weave lace table topper is supremely suited for a wedding celebration. Here it’s teamed with dusky rose napkins and a demure floral centerpiece for the ultimate romantic wedding expression.

27. Flint Cora

36.png37.pngWillowdale Estate | Angie Rose Photography | By Nectar | Urban Soiree Boston

We love the juxtaposition of a woodsy venue with the muted colors and floral theme. The blue-grey of the table linen is highlighted by sky blue solid napkins, and a towering floral centerpiece reflects the presence of natural greenery indoors and out. Place settings are purposely understated. 

28. Mink Chateau

38.pngFlorence + Graham

What could be simpler than a dramatically different color sparked with white tracery? The essence of balanced design, this wedding setting brings a bit of pattern and color to the scene with the napkins. Otherwise, all is intentionally minimal.

29. Silver Aspen

39.png40.pngElm Events Charleston | Branch Design Studio | Ooh Events | Snyder Events | Dana Cubbage Weddings

Dramatic and understated, this setting is another well-executed example of “less is more” philosophy. Dramatic pattern in subtle tones adds just enough interest to keep it all lively. The use of a single linen pattern throughout shifts attention to the stupendous over-the-table display!

30. Mist Duet

41.png42.pngLisa Ziesing | Cheers Darling Events | Frampton’s Flowers

Like a morning fog that blurs perceptions of reality, Mist Duet provides a blank canvas for a colorful floral display and the elegant simplicity of china, crystal and flatware. Solid napkins contrast with the linen but add to the effect, blending all with painterly artistry.


Corporate Event

31. Fig Faille

43.png44.pngChez | HMR Designs

Unexpected at a formal dinner, this color expression banishes boredom from the table just as the menu appeals to an adventurous palate. The combination of dusky rose table linen and graphic napkins in trendy taupe create drama in a setting that is spare and modern.

32. Pyrite Marble

45.pngFleur Inc

Linen doesn’t have to be colorful to be impressive! Here, it’s all about the texture. Napkins take their cue from the floral centerpiece, and the solid wine tone definitely accentuates the drama.

33. Evergreen Velvet

46.png47.pngFena Flowers | New Creations | Alante Photography | Cort Party Rental

As stately as a court dinner, and as appropriate as black tie and tails, Evergreen Velvet is a perfect choice for a corporate dinner or a charity gala. Formal but not stuffy, the use of pale rose napkins and candles, along with the choice of jewel-tone flowers, is unique and very satisfying.

34. Loden Calypso

48.png49.pngJoyce Pollakoff Events | Peter Whynn Thompson Photography 

At first, a tropical pattern in green and beige might seem a bit incongruous when paired with watery blue table linen. But add exotic, playful and vibrant accessories to achieve an effect that’s lighthearted and oh-so-merry! 

35. Ivory Maxwell

50.pngAsheville Events Co | Realities Photography 

Clothe a table in traditional ivory, but make it new with rippling pattern. Then add napkins in a stunning coppery-brown tone. Mix well with stunning greenery, unique place settings, and dramatic lighting. It’s a never-fail formula for a memorable event!