January, 04, 2018

Top 35 Instagram Looks of 2017

BBJ Linen is celebrating our 35th anniversary in 2018! To celebrate, every month we’ll take a closer look at 35 things that motivate and excite us. To kick off the party, we’re looking back at our 35 favorite looks from Instagram in the past year.

Prepare to be inspired!

1. Pale Enlivens Natural Wood

Glorious pale tones of pink, cream and gold add lightness and beauty to a natural wood table. Simple linen napkins are the perfect accent.

2. Stunning Floral Highboy

Abigail Shantung is an unexpectedly sophisticated touch for a garden setting highboy, bright and exciting!

3. Victorian Vibe

Smoky Marble table linen along with Frost Silver chargers, capture the essence of Victorian elegance.


4. Floral Filled Holiday

There’s not better way to throw a Christmas dinner than a table filled with reds and greens. This holiday looked showed off a clean, white linen and let the decor add the color and pop!

5. Beautiful Bounty

Midnight Velvet steals the scene, but is an elegant backdrop for the bountiful natural holiday backdrop and gorgeous table centerpiece.

6. Scene-Stealing Favorite

Vibrantly exotic orchids and plenty of golden shine form a counterpoint to the subtle, dark drama of Onyx Digital linen. Couldn’t be better!

7. Bird’s Eye View

We can’t find enough superlatives to describe this incredible banquet setting — so serene and simple, but so exciting at the same time.

8. Bright and Bold

No linen, no distractions; just a clear idea and clever execution for a light-hearted Asian-influenced wedding. 

9. Naturally Appealing

Earth tones take on new stature when the swirling pattern of Azure Agate linen is highlighted by Rain Faille napkins and Braid Gold Brown chargers. Totally right!

10. Classic with a Twist

The Dallas Supper Club event offered up plenty of classic color, but smoky stems brought a modern interpretation to the banquet table.

11. Double the Effect

All shine and Glam — the mirrored table multiplies the effect of amber, cream, gold and silver! Patterned napkins complement it all!


12. Scene Stealer

Be honest — which did you notice first, the cake or the cloth? Both deserve raves! It’s a bold departure from tradition and we love it!

13. Practically Perfect

Sand Enzo linen anchors the table setting in a very practical, subdued manner, but the rosewood napkin adds surprising spark.

14. Jaw Dropping Arbor

Rose Quartz Velvet linen completes this ceremony look. What better way to keep your attention on the bride and groom than an arbor to surround them in rose and blush tones. 

15. Happily Harmonious

The combination of Fig and Pewter Faille creates a beautiful tablescape that doesn’t shout for attention, but rather speaks quietly of class.

16. Giving Thanks

Celebration done right! A mass of greenery with autumn accents and elegant tall arrangements. What more is needed for this traditional table setting?

17. Uniquely Uplifting

Suspended greenery floats above these tables, and echoes a similar parade below, accented only with silvery linen and candlelight.

18. Stylishly Serene

Trailing table linen that puddles on the floor adds elegance to this simple table setting for a celebration marking 63 years of marriage.

19. Texture Rules

Texture and unexpected colors lend an air of drama to this table. Nile Moda table linen and Gold Marbella chargers complement the thorny desert blooms and understated color scheme.

20. It’s Enchanting

Surrounded by wood and high conservatory ceilings, the reflective table surfaces and bright orange blooms add a warm glow! It’s glittery!

21. Charming and Simple

There’s nothing contrived about this simple outdoor setting. Green stemware plays up the greenery, while the mix of blooms is simple and colorful on all-white tables. 

22. Clearly Summer

Navy Calypso napkins bring a summer vibe to this festive table; clearly designed to celebrate sun and good times in great style!

23. Feminine, Not Fussy

For a ladies’ luncheon, the Blooming Lace overlay lifts any setting out of the ordinary. Paired here with Slate Faille linen, it’s a cooling base for vibrant florals.

24. Ahead of the Times

Aubergine Marble — isn’t it gorgeous? This is one of our favorite 2017 looks, but we suspect we’ll be seeing it a lot more in 2018 because Ultra Violet in Pantone’s Color of the Year! Not that we’re psychic or anything!


25. Mellow and Moody

Some colors convey a special mood — this is one of them. Rose Quartz Velvet table linen combined with Moss Chocolate chargers is nice!

26. Blue & White for the Win

The classic combo of blue and white is always a winner. Here the navy napkins are an inspired choice, grounding the bright floral mix.

27. Positively Playful

Wineberry Bengaline napkins pick up one of the ceiling ribbon colors to provide depth for this predominantly pale cameo table setting. What fun!

28. Brilliant. That’s All

What more is there to say about this setting? Our Cerise Lamour napkin couldn’t be more appropriate for an exuberant table display.

29. Play on Pattern

Nile Crackle table linen provides much needed relief from all the wood tones and dark (albeit beautiful) accents. It lightens the spirit!

30. Timeless Combination

Grandmothers and little girls share a love for pinks and pretty lace — and so do we! We have nothing but praise for this table setting!

31. A Different Dimension

It’s pink, but of a different order! There’s nothing shy or sweet about this look, but isn’t it wonderful? Kudos for a bold vision!

32. Shimmering Monotones

Glittering metallics don’t have to shine in only gold and silver. Here the sparkle is all in copper tones: Zelda Overlay atop Salmon Faille linen, accompanied by an Apricot Shantung napkin. They’re all a part of BBJ’s Alloy Collection.

33. Wedding White

A glorious day in a storybook outdoor setting doesn’t need much else to be perfect. This is definitely a look for the books!

34. Surprisingly Natural

Mallard Velvet drapes the table, accented by a Caspian Graceful table runner to capture the peace and quiet of the lakeside setting. But, did you notice the suspended chandeliers?

35. Dark Velvet and Nature

There’s no better way to tie in the greens on the trees than with a dark velvet runner. See how these darks and golds turned this outdoor table into a wedding dream.

We hope you like our choices as much as we do, and we look forward to working with you to create winning new looks in the new year!