May, 30, 2017

Silk Road: A South Asian Inspired Wedding Open House

The most memorable weddings and special events take advantage of every opportunity to tell a personal tale. This South Asian Inspired Wedding Event is a prime example of how to emphasize individuality with custom designs, colors, flowers and accents that are true to any couple’s theme or vision.

Take notes of emerging wedding trends, and see how you can adapt them in your own way!

Let Patterns Speak Boldly
Mandala Table Cloth and Napkin

Custom designs add interest and a unique touch. Here, a bold henna design on custom high-boy linen speaks volumes about the South Asian inspiration.

Atelier, BBJ’s custom couture department, created this specialty design to complement the overall theme and reinforce the colorful inspiration. 

Bold Colors

South Asian Wedding Inspiration

Capitalize on the bold colors with distinctive design elements. Here cascading mustard-toned table coverings make a statement. Hot pink custom pillows, designed by Atelier, add yet another hue under the flowing rainbow of vibrant fabric panels.

Exotic, With No Limits

Dramatic sheer drapes are ideal for creating an exotic design. Here, draping is used to create intimate “rooms” within the broader, large spaces.


Elegant Focal Point

South Asian Wedding Inspiration

A simply-draped, but massively-scaled archway of white trimmed with greenery and a dramatic oversize floral garland softens the industrial chic of the reception space, and gives only a hint of the colorful setting beyond. Isn’t this an incredible photo backdrop?

Elaborately Simple

It’s a variation of the philosophy that “too much is never enough!” The South Asian inspiration is unmistakable, but there’s a subtle restraint that prevents its expression from feeling “heavy.” A hot pink runner topped by intricately-woven gold-beaded netting contrasts with a bare wood table. Gold-rimmed clear chargers, and varied shades of green in goblets, candleholders and menu cards add punch. The custom napkins, also by Atelier, feature the same henna pattern as the high-boys, and add a unique touch to the entire tablescape.

South Asian Wedding Table

Trends to Watch

We love the way weddings are going these days. Savvy brides and grooms are, more than ever before, doing it “their way.” And that’s the way it should be! Here are four trends worth noting:

Hot pink is heating up all across the country: Atelier is in the business of catering to personal expressions in design. Need a unique pattern on your napkin? No problem. Here, just a bit of hot pink energizes every place setting.

Custom touches create a unique story: Custom touches, whether in the form of table linen, napkins, pillows or other design elements add to an event’s theme and create a unique and memorable story.

Personality and personalization are all-important: A wedding symbolizes unity, but never forget that there are two people involved. Make the ceremony and the celebration reflect your individuality as well as your “two-getherness.” Vary table settings and seating to do just that with great style.

Drapes add dramatic impact: Cascading drapes create big effects and comfortable spaces at the same time. Here simple white encloses the buffet table, giving it singular importance.  

South Asian Wedding Drapes Inspiration

Big blooms are the latest word in floral display: Not only big, exotic single flowers, but oversize arrangements and lots of them, are scene-stealers. Place a large centerpiece in the center of the table, and then hang a trio of dramatic floral “lanterns” from the rafters. They don’t all have to match! Plant an entire garden if you wish!

South Asian Hanging Florals

The final word?

Take your time planning the wedding and reception, but resolve to have a wonderful, and meaningful, experience. Dream big and dream in color! Embellish every surface! Remember, nothing has to be standard or traditional — not the linen, or the place settings, or even the see-through acrylic chairs at a single table. That’s the fun of it all!


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