September, 22, 2016

Rustic Wedding Style in a Personal Way


While every wedding should be romantic above all else, that doesn’t mean sacrificing fun for formality. If it’s a rustic look you’re going after, mixed textures and natural elements set the tone, and personal touches are always memorable. If you’re planning an event for a bride or are a bride yourself, there is no reason not to listen to your heart on such a special occasion.

A rustic style can shine through its simplicity and natural beauty. Here are some of our favorite ways to create a rustic wedding style that is heartwarming and creative.

Simplify to Beautify

02_Rustic_Wedding_Table_Decor.pngPlacek Photography & Design-Weddings By Nancy

Mix woven fabrics like Ivory Yuma, roses with painted willow branches, and sparkling café lights with hand sewn beams. Use “fine” accessories as accents, and opt for solid colors and simple glassware. Let the guests shine like stars in your setting, and cherish the memory of a ceremony and reception that are yours alone

03_Simplify_to_Beautify.pngAmanda Megan Miller Photography – Lola Event Productions 

Down Home Celebration

04_Florals_White_Table_Runner.pngAmanda Megan Miller Photography – Lola Event Productions

Whether you choose a historic barn or the family farm, let the venue be part of the décor and the celebration will take center stage. Centerpieces of old lanterns and bouquets of wildflowers have a causal appeal that speaks of permanence and family ties. While white and ivory can be dressed up or down, consider adding some color or plaids for a winter wedding at a mountain lodge.


Go Woodsy

05_Go_Woodsy.pngCharla Storey Photography

Table decorations that include river rocks, slices of tree trunks, and mossy greens can be every bit as stunning as calla lilies and baby’s breath. Display cake balls, cupcakes or desserts on a tiered server fashioned from a fallen tree limb or display the groom’s cake atop a whitewashed antler rack. Use neutral-colored napkins with solid linens to tie everything together. If you’re looking for a splash of color, soft pinks, blues or greens are a natural compliment.

06_Rustic_Wedding_Florals.pngPlacek Photography & Design-Weddings By Nancy

Tone It Down – Play It Up

07_Tone_It_Down_Play_It_Up.pngAmanda Megan Miller Photography – Lola Event Productions

Whether you’re planning your own wedding or coordinating an event for others, a calm and relaxed atmosphere is a great way to achieve the rustic style! Intimate and simple table settings paired with candles and stringer lights will put your guests at ease.

08_Table_Decor_Rustic.pngPlacek Photography & Design-Weddings By Nancy

A rustic wedding is one-of-a-kind. Make it special with unique touches and the right linen and table décor for a breath-taking look.

09_Rustic_Venue.pngAmanda Megan Miller Photography – Lola Event Productions

Rustic Wedding Style