July, 18, 2017

Romantic Garden Soirée

With a multitude of overhanging boughs and wispy trailing leaves, this dreamy wedding look uses pale color and pattern to create an otherworldly mood that is immensely appealing.

Something Blue

Romantic Garden Soiree | BBJ Linen

The French blue chosen as the dominant hue varies in intensity from pearly grey to almost white; at its strongest, it is reminiscent of an inky pond at twilight, adding depth to a beautiful neutral background. 

Layered and Lovely

Layred Garden Wedding | BBJ Linen

Simple rectangular tables are laid out in what appears as a garden bower. They are simply swathed in pale linen that, from a distance, captures the watery color of the sky, and surrounded by a bevy of natural bamboo chairs.

Refreshments in the Forest

Outdoor Refreshments | BBJ Linen

Who would have thought that slightly tarnished silver, unadorned green champagne bottles and a disheveled topping of leafy sprigs atop a table round dressed in linen the color of surrounding blossoms could be this perfect. This herbal champagne bar seems sprung from the earth itself, designed to refresh and revitalize.

An Unexpected Pairing

Southern France Wedding Theme | BBJ Linen

A patterend linen with the look and hue of the southeast of France joins an elegant floral bearing a swirling mix of grey, blue, white and beige — both perfectly in step with the French blue card and the floral choices.

Picked from the Garden

Wedding Centerpiece | BBJ Linen

Table centerpieces mimic the  bridal bouquet, with a sampling of local garden stock — beautifully coordinated with the overall color scheme, the variety of white flowers and trailing vines are sparked by the addition of lavender-blue thistle.

A Layered Delight

Layers of Detail | BBJ Linen

Every aspect works together to evoke the misty elegance of the mood: Swirling pattern of the linen grounds the setting, but simple white chargers topped by scalloped china in the palest sky blue are topped by beautifully-embellished menu and place cards and a distinctive blue napkin.


When Natural Reigns

Name Card Table | BBJ Linen

There is nothing not to love about this escort card table. 

Blue Wedding Invitations | BBJ Linen

A Striking Departure

Blue Layered Wedding Cake | BBJ Linen

Giving way to a bit of drama, the layered wedding cake lets blue speak above a whisper! This is meant to be the highlight of the celebration and it succeeds with masterful artistry. 

A Watercolorist Vision

Water Color Name Cards | BBJ Linen

Set in the Virginia countryside, this wedding reception is every bit as gorgeous as the work of an “old Master” and is painterly perfect. The inspiration seems plucked from the past, but the expression is totally today.

A Lacy Surround

Lacey Wedding Gown | BBJ Linen

Lacy petals drift to the ground from spreading boughs above, accentuating the lace of the bride’s gown. 


Linen: BBJ Linen | Photography: Natalie Franke | Styling: Kruse & Vieira Events | Florals: Intrigue Designs | Invite Suite & Paper Goods & lettering for table: Design House of Moira | Calligraphy: Poppy & Scooter | Rentals: Select Event Group | Cake: Wildflour Fine Baking Co. | Hair & Makeup: Behind the Veil