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Jacinda Ecru Elastic Chair Pad Cover


A Match Made in Heaven

Made for a hard pad that is attached to chair with Velcro. Price does not include chair pad.

Meaning “beautiful or attractive” in Greek, our Ecru Jacinda is precisely that. Reminiscent design of the protective Nazar, this textile is distinctive and unparalleled to any other. The addition of Ecru to our color classifications finds the perfect harmony between ivory and brown, creating a light beige hue most associated with the color of unbleached linen. Bring together this fabulous design with its companion pieces, Ecru Xander and/or Ecru Tori, to find a marriage of design and form that will have your guests talking about for time to come. With beautiful neutrality, all of the combinations you can imagine will come to light with ease. Do not hold back and bring out all of your creative flair to make an event that is a pure reflection of you.