November, 08, 2016

Personalized Vintage Wedding

01_Fun_Factor_Jennifer_Culp.pngUnder the White Willow | Sculptable Design

Bringing a couple’s vision to life for their big day takes a special skill. Jennifer Culp of Sculptable Design in Atlanta talks to us about a recent vintage wedding design for a happy couple. As the CEO and Lead Designer of her company, Jennifer crafted a design that was unique, romantic, and full of joy and amusement.

Here’s the inside scoop on how Jennifer was able to reflect the lighthearted personalities of the bride and groom into their wedding. This wedding was featured on Borrowed & Blue.Jennifer_Culp.jpg

Summer Vibes

03_Summer_Vibes.pngUnder the White Willow | Sculptable Design

The bride is a pro wedding photographer, so the design premise included photography. The engaged couple are avid readers, so antique books were also featured. The bride wanted a summery feel, and chose an overall pallet of ivory, navy, yellow, and blush pink. It was an outdoor wedding, on a high point where guests were separated from the hustle and bustle of life, giving the event a particularly exclusive and special feel.

04_Bridal_Party.pngUnder the White Willow | Sculptable Design

Wedding Tables Laden with Personality and Romance

05_Truly_Romantic.pngUnder the White Willow | Sculptable Design

Luxury table linens from BBJ set the stage for Jennifer’s unusual, stunning design. The tables were draped in navy blue, with blush pink runners featuring a subtle pattern under a stack of antique books topped with an antique camera. These pieces were flanked by clear glass vases with delicate pink and yellow florals and soft greenery. Guests were treated to a wedding event that imbued both fun and romance – which perfectly suited to this lighthearted, happy couple.

06_Wedding_Tables_Laden_with_Personality.pngUnder the White Willow | Sculptable Design

Designing a wedding for a professional wedding photographer could have been a challenge — but Jennifer took on designing the event with confidence and inspiration – and wowed her clients with a design that was truly “them.”

07_Wedding_that_was_truly_them.pngUnder the White Willow | Sculptable Design

Inspiration: Fun, Romance, and Maximum Personality

08_Fun_Romantic_Personality.pngUnder the White Willow | Sculptable Design

Adding to the overall “fun factor,” the wedding cake was far from traditional. It was topped with Mario and Princess Peach from the Super Mario Brothers game – the nicknames the bride and groom have for each other. There was no question that the wedding design echoed their unique personalities, and their joyous approach to life. From the luxury linens that reflected the colors of the bridesmaid’s dresses, down to the finest detail, everything was simply – perfect.

09_Inspirtation_Fun_Factor.pngUnder the White Willow | Sculptable Design


Personalized Vintage Wedding Decor