March, 28, 2017

Partner Spotlight: Big City Bride

Our partnerships inspire and encourage us to keep pushing the envelope to reach new heights. Big City Bride is just such a partnership. The team at Big City Bride is inspired by the happy and lasting memories they witness. They relish the relationships they build through the months of planning, organizing and dreaming. Planning weddings allows the team at Big City Bride to be creative and celebrate their client’s amazing life moments.

Big City Bride Logo

One of Big City Bride’s first recommendations is that their clients figure out what is most important to them, and stay true to those priorities. Every wedding should reflect the couple’s personalities. The whole team works full time in their Lincoln Park planning studio sharing all their experiences and knowledge to create magical and memorable weddings. Here are some of our favorite collaborations through our long-standing partnership.

Sophisticated and Glittering

Candlelit Wedding Inspiration | BBJ LinenAllori Photography 

This design pulls out all the stops to create a glittering array of subtle, glowing candlelight in a setting that looks out to a vista of city lights and dramatic architectural shapes. We love the light white shades mixed with the venue’s rustic elements.

Centerpiece Table Decor | BBJ LinenAllori Photography 

Subtle Pattern Surprise

Hanging Greens for Wedding | BBJ LinenAllori Photography 

On table rounds, a change of pace introduces a bit of dramatic pattern for subtly-toned linen that enhances the evening’s ambiance. Big City Bride created a setting where the bride and groom, along with wedding guests, take center stage, and we think that’s exactly where the emphasis belongs! Hanging greenery is a delightful touch.

Dark and Dramatic

Black Table Linen Wedding | BBJ LinenRiverbend Studio | Chicago History Museum

Dark hues and the elegant texture of table linen play out against jewel-toned floral displays and golden accents of the place settings, emphasizing the lightness of the space for this wedding at the Chicago History Museum.

Formality Defined by Detail

Black Tie Wedding Decor | BBJ LinenRiverbend Studio | Chicago History Museum

Nothing was left to chance by Big City Bride: even the slim black ribbon ties that unite flatware with napkins and menu cards are gracefully intended to attract attention in an understated manner, illustrating the epitome of restraint.

Centerpiece Decor | BBJ LinenRiverbend Studio | Chicago History Museum


Same Setting — Different Flavor

Damask Pattern | BBJ LinenCristina G Photography | Chicago History Museum

For another wedding at the Chicago History Museum, Big City Bride evoked a totally different response. Playful and colorful, conforming to the couple’s wishes for a more lighthearted expression, soft plum and lavender tones move from dusky solid to elegant patterned table linen.

White Lightens and Refreshes

Purple Table Decor | BBJ LinenCristina G Photography | Chicago History Museum

This dreamy setting illustrates that white for weddings is always right! The combination with grays and touches of pink and rosy tones create a soft romantic design scheme.

Silver Adds Shine and Sparkle 

Purple Damask Pattern Table | BBJ LinenCristina G Photography | Chicago History Museum

The deep plum glasses accent the soft purple design in the linen, and the lavender sprigs and greenery add natural appeal to this stunning tablescape.

Sing Out for the Red, White and Blue 

Fourth of July Party Ideas | BBJ LinenRiverbend Studio | Chicago History Museum 

It’s unique, it’s personal and it’s totally right for American and British traditions to be united at a reception for a special couple. Not only flag colors, but each country’s flags displayed on miniature staffs, are an unexpected touch.

The simple table settings allow the texture of the white linen, and the contrast of the dark china to stand out. We love the addition of the black place cards to tie in the china. The white and black on tables coordinate perfectly with the iconic black and white checker floor. No detail was left unchecked in this international celebration!

Squared Off and Golden

Gold Wedding | BBJ LinenRobyn Rachel Photography

Distinctive shapes for china and glassware, as well as a potpourri of floral tones, help lift this setting above the norm. Simple neutral linen runners keep it light, while folded napkins add a little weight to each clear charger. The mix of crystal, some clear and some frosted, is pleasingly unusual.

Gray Wedding Inspiration | BBJ LinenRobyn Rachel Photography

Always Room for the Unique

Cake Table with Sequins | BBJ LinenRobyn Rachel Photography

With a wedding cake this special, the table deserves unique treatment as well. That’s what Big City Bride did here, with a totally inspired glittering table round in a color that can’t be ignored. What fun!

These five beautiful weddings demonstrate the team at Big City Bride’s ability to capture each couple’s identities through their event design. Just like they recommend to their clients, we can see their client’s personalities shining through. We can’t wait to see what our next collaborations bring.