December, 16, 2016

Moda: A Style for Every Season

The world of fashion — particularly in women’s wear — can be somewhat fickle, but it is always exciting! The great fashion houses traditionally introduced new designs at spring and fall fashion shows each year. Today, however, there is a trend toward more frequent, smaller fashion runway events, allowing women to enhance and update their wardrobes whenever they wish.

It’s a new phenomenon.

Moda Celebrates Individuality

Moda Celebrates Individuality | BBJ Linen

We have chosen to name our new collection Moda to celebrate the Italian word for “fashion.”

The tantalizing texture of this fabric, woven with the surprising gleam of mixed metallics, provides a counterpoint for coordinating solids, but still has the ability to blend beautifully with complementary patterns. It is extremely versatile, but it’s at its best when layered with rich accessories and highlighted with the gleam of gold, the sparkle of silver, or the sensual allure of other metals.

Mauve Moda 

Mauve Moda | BBJ LinenLighthearted and Feminine | BBJ Linen

Lighthearted and feminine, this color plays well with pale blush and creamy white, and is a perfect expression for spring. Coordinating napkins in luxe Cameo Shantung are a classically upscale choice.

Perfect Expression for Spring | BBJ LinenUpscale Choice | BBJ LinenMauve Moda Table Setting | BBJ LinenBBJ Linen Mauve Moda | BBJ Linen


Nile Moda

Nile Moda | BBJ LinenA Bit Mysterious | BBJ Linen

A bit mysterious and hard to define, Nile Moda takes its cue from the blue-green spectrum and blends well with natural accents; it hints of great adventures. Sky Bengaline napkins recall dusky skies, but are as enticing as a fresh breeze.

Hard to Define | BBJ LinenHints of Great Adventure | BBJ Linen

Gold Moda

Gold Moda | BBJ LinenRepresenting Luxury | BBJ Linen

Representing luxury at its finest, this setting is the gold standard for a formal luncheon or dinner. Can you imagine a more opulent combination? Pile on all the golds, but accentuate the shine with a Taupe Lamour napkin. Perfect!

Opulent Combination | BBJ LinenPile on the Gold | BBJ LinenBBJ Linen Gold Moda | BBJ Linen


Ash Moda

Ash Moda | BBJ LinenDreamy In Its Simplicity | BBJ Linen

Dreamy in its simplicity, this setting relies on texture rather than color for its punch. The surprise of pink napkins recalls the brightness of a spring sunrise. Combine more intense hues in floral centerpieces and you’ll achieve perfection.

Brightness of a Spring Sunrise | BBJ LinenAchieve Perfection | BBJ LinenBBJ Linen Ash Moda | BBJ Linen

Acorn Moda

Acorn Moda | BBJ LinenSpirited Day at the Shore | BBJ Linen

The slightly sandy appearance of Acorn Moda paired with Light Blue Lamour napkins recalls spirited days at the shore or a summer walk down a country lane surrounded by wildflowers, with only unblemished sky above. How comforting! 

Walk Down a Country Lane | BBJ LinenComforting | BBJ LinenBBJ Linen Acorn Moda | BBJ Linen

Moda can be playful or dignified, ceremonial or unconventional, subdued or lively. Use Moda as a base for your table settings, and accessorize in a way that conveys your own sense of style for an unforgettable event.

Designed to Solo or Harmonize

Designed to Solo or Harmonize | BBJ Linen

Moda is fun and fresh. Available in rounds and as runners, in addition to standard sizes, we know it will be a fashion staple for many seasons to come!