January, 15, 2020

Linenfluencer Anna Lucia

She has an undeniable love and passion for event planning and designing. Her scope of work ranges from weddings to corporate events, to any kind of social event one can dream of. This is why BBJ Linen chose Anna Lucia of ANNA LUCIA EVENTS as their first Linenfluencer to kick-off 2020!

Anna and her team have been named one of the Top Wedding Planners by Martha Stewart Weddings and listed as one of the Brides Best Planners in America by Brides.com. Recently Anna collaborated with BBJ Linen and designed a beautiful collection named Island Life. This collection captured the attention and hearts of many clients throughout the United States, and it continues to soar!

Anna Lucia RichardsonAnna Lucia EventsHunter Ryan Photo | 50Fifty Creative | Events on the Loose | Party Time Rentals


Q: What is the inspiration behind Island Life? 

A: “Island Life was inspired by my family’s West Indian and Caribbean heritage. My grandfather was born in St. Martin and my grandmother in Saba. The gorgeous patterns and textures were designed to transport you to the islands through bright tropical colors, vibrant flamboyant trees, bougainvillea, and the lush gardens of Martinique.”

“I used my proud ancestral heritage and the natural abundance and beauty of the islands for inspiration for this collection.”

Anna LuciaAnna Lucia EventsHunter Ryan Photo | 50Fifty Creative | Events on the Loose | Party Time Rentals

Q: What other colors and fabrics pair well with Island Life?

A: “Organic fabrics pair fabulously with Island Life since this is what the collection was designed for. The prints were designed to be subtle or bold yet inspiring so that they could be used for an event or table design anywhere in the world. Try pairing Persimmon Hemstitch with Harbour Island, or any fabrics from this designer series with the Sonoma or Brimble linens.”

“Understated elegance is the key with this linen!”

Anna LuciaAnna Lucia EventsHunter Ryan Photo | 50Fifty Creative | Events on the Loose | Party Time Rentals

Q: How can you use a Caribbean Island inspired design all year round?

A: “To create a spring tablescape, pair Martinique with Sand Eleuthera for a perfect soiree. Add pastel florals such as lilacs, or soft pink and yellow bouquets. If you want a bolder look, you can use Saint Barths with a bright monochromatic floral, or Harbour Island paired with Sand Anguilla and Sand Eleuthera with large groupings of bougainvillea or bold coral floral.”

“For a different, somewhat bold fall feel, you can use Harbour Island to create an organic tabletop with neutral dried floral elements or even add some gourds. Use Sand AnguillaNoir AnguillaSand Eleuthera or Noir Eleuthera with lush groupings of fall fruits. Think figs, pears, grapes, eucalyptus, white pumpkins, bunches of wheat, and tons of candles for a warm, fall feel. For a more dramatic fall look, pair Saint Barths with deep, rich floral elements and add components such as pomegranate and kumquats to accent the overall look.”

“To create a dreamy winter wonderland inspired look design with Sand Anguilla or Sand Eleuthera add antlers, white lush floral birch elements, copper or other neutral foundations. If you’re seeking a more bold and dramatic wintery holiday look, pair the Saint Barths or Noir Anguilla with full, lush bunches of deep, red floral. Think anemone, ranunculus, astilbe, or even bunches of red amaryllis.”

“I designed this line with the intent to be used in any season. They are not meant for only tropical soiree designs.”

Q: What are your top event designing pro tips? 

A: “Don’t be afraid to go bold with color, however, make sure it’s cohesive. In the last few years we have seen a lot of minimalist trends. I feel strongly that this is the year of the maximalist! For a BIG impact, go with a bold print linen, for example, pair the Harbour Island with Saint Barths, but keep the flowers consistent and almost monochromatic.”

“Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Do what you want to do and make it amazing. Always create a WOW moment by thinking of something fresh, new, and a true reflection of your style! If it’s well thought out, it will leave a lasting impression on your guests.”

“Don’t go with what is expected. Take a chance. You don’t always HAVE to do what may be ‘traditional’ for a wedding or event.”

Anna LuciaAnna Lucia EventsHunter Ryan Photo | 50Fifty Creative | Events on the Loose | Party Time Rentals

Q: What is one thing you’ve learned from your experiences? 

A: “When I say I have made a lot of mistakes, that would be an understatement. However, I am an optimist and a believer that things always happen for a reason, and mistakes are a part of life. I always take ownership and continue to learn and grow.  Things happen – we are all human!  When a mistake happens with a client, I’ve learned that by being 100% honest, transparent and taking ownership of that mistake (and of course, finding a solution to fix it!), they actually wind up trusting you more, in the end.  You can either blame issues on others or you can take ownership and learn from them. Live, listen, learn and grow!”

Q: What is on your bucket list?

A: “What isn’t on my bucket list! While I’ve been extremely fortunate with experiences in my life, I feel there are still many things I haven’t done both personally and professionally. What I’d really like to do most is travel more with my husband and my two children. Nothing would make me happier than to experience new places, people, and cultures with my family.”

Anna Lucia Anna Lucia EventsHunter Ryan Photo | 50Fifty Creative | Events on the Loose | Party Time Rentals

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