December, 08, 2016

Keep Your Events Fresh with BBJ Linen

When you plan multiple events in a single year, even if they are in different physical locations, you want each to have a unique identity. The event can be influenced by the location, season, or function. With our vast supply of linen in a wide variety of colors and styles, BBJ Linen is your perfect resource for every event.

Here are four different events which we think demonstrate linen’s impact on event design:

Vibrant and Showy

Vibrant and Showy | BBJ LinenMetro Connections

Strong and rich colors command attention. This fire orange hue speaks to power and is intense and electric for guests. Using this one bold tone sets a powerful vibe to the event. Play it up even more with a high contrast color combination, or play it just a bit safer by choosing coordinating linen with patterns. Either way, you’ll make an unforgettable statement!

Bright Paprika Linen | BBJ Linen
Metro Connections

Edgy and Avant-garde  

Edgy and Avant-Garde | BBJ LinenDove Mountain Producer | Metro Connections

As beautiful as a Tuscan vineyard, the pairing of eggplant and citrus green lend spectacular appeal to an outdoor banquet setting. The pastoral scene lends itself to a friendly sharing of food and wine. The royal tone of dark purple mixed with the natural green tones in accent linen and chargers adds a more natural feel to this event.

The texture of our Eggplant Contour plays into the natural ambiance, and the organic shape of the Sea Sponge Charger further escalates the rustic setting.

Plum and Lime Green Linen | BBJ Linen
Dove Mountain Producer | Metro Connections


Unique and Colorful

Unique and Colorful | BBJ LinenMetro Connections

Sometimes, less is more. That is true with table settings for casual gatherings, and pulling inspiration from the surrounding landscape keeps the colors scheme simple.

Colorful runners and contrasting napkins add interest to simple tables, serving as the perfect counterpoint for outdoor buffet service where the focus is simply on people and food. The bright colors pop against the dark wood setting a playful tone for the event.

Multi-Colored Table Runners | BBJ LinenMetro Connections

Classic and Serene

Classic and Serene | BBJ LinenMetro Connections

Beautiful table settings don’t just happen by chance. Our design consultants love to collaborate and create beautiful and memorable events all over the country. Muted colors, bold patterns, luxurious fabrics, are some characteristics of our textile offerings. With this variety, you can create formal settings with ease, or to recreate period drama anytime you wish.

Same Space Different Look | BBJ LinenMetro Connections

No matter where in the country an event takes place, we are happy to help your bring your vision to life. Your event should be as unique as you, and collaborating with our designs specialists is a great way to get that distinct, one of a kind experience. We can’t wait to see what designs our customers dream up next!