April, 27, 2017

Introducing: The Vow Collection

A new BBJ linen collection derived from traditional wedding patterns in subdued colors promises to become the backdrop for elegant events this season. All are subtle and sophisticated, allowing for a wide range of expressions suitable for strictly formal dinners or for more lighthearted, trend-setting celebrations.

The Vow Collection | BBJ LinenThe Vow Collection | BBJ Linen

Vintage Paisley

Vintage Paisley | BBJ LinenVintage Paisley | BBJ Linen

The muted colors of this new linen offering hold an exuberant pattern in check to create the kind of excitement that will enliven any scene. Dazzling Vintage Paisley provides a unique opportunity to mix both silver and gold, and to layer on detail — the depth of the pattern and the array of tones allows for highly individualized expression. It’s rich and bold — a dazzling wedding choice! The muted succulent green napkins and peach toned florals complete the scene.

Vintage Paisley | BBJ LinenVintage Paisley | BBJ LinenVintage Paisley | BBJ Linen


Swiss Dot

Swiss Dot | BBJ LinenSwiss Dot | BBJ LinenSwiss Dot | BBJ Linen

Timeless and feminine, Swiss Dot dates originated from the hand looms of Switzerland in 1750. Raised embroidered Swiss dots on a sateen linen, conceived in a very contemporary way. Perfect for a ladylike tea party, Swiss Dot provides an elegant touch to this table setting. The muted drama is echoed in the champagne tones of the floral centerpiece.

Swiss Dot | BBJ LinenSwiss Dot | BBJ Linen


Kensington | BBJ LinenKensington | BBJ Linen

Even the name speaks of royalty, history and flair. Delicate ivory tracery recalls a time when hand-embroidered elegance was the norm, and the neutral color of the linen invites the addition of a single supplementary hue in a rosy napkin and a garden basket full of beautiful flowers. Perfection is in the simplicity of the pattern and the gracefulness of the style. It’s a regal choice.

Kensington | BBJ LinenKensington | BBJ Linen


Baroque | BBJ LinenBaroque | BBJ Linen

Although this tone-on-tone embellished linen bears a resemblance to another era’s over-the-top displays of wealth and power, this linen is pleasing in every sense. It is toned and balanced, elegant and refined; it’s ornate but not ostentatious. Our table setting suggestion relies on Baroque’s overall pattern for its verve, with only the clear colors of the floral centerpiece to add a secondary note of drama, echoed by individual menu cards. Simply folded charcoal napkins add a calming influence.

Baroque | BBJ LinenBaroque | BBJ LinenBaroque | BBJ Linen


Ash Swell 

Ash Swell | BBJ LinenAsh Swell | BBJ LinenAsh Swell | BBJ Linen

Sometimes a second look is required to see all the beauty of a linen pattern. The overall first impression of Ash Swell is pleasing, but then you recognize the genius of the undulating waves of color and movement woven into the linen. The setting could move in several different directions. We show it with a unique interplay: Swiss Dot napkins that bring a bit of golden glow to the underlying cool tone. A mix of exotic orchids with simple blooms, of gold and silver, of white china and clear, sparkling crystal, enable a totally appropriate setting for a wedding party.

Ash Swell | BBJ LinenAsh Swell | BBJ Linen

Floral Credits: Avant Gardenia