October, 26, 2017

Introducing Gold Kroft: A Kehoe Collection

Developed in creative partnership with Kehoe Designs, the Gold Kroft Collection is inspired by the glamour and sophistication of the 1920s. The collection includes the metallic patterns of Onyx Vera and Silver Nova, along with intricate geometric designs Molina runners and Onyx Digital. The imaginative patterns in the Azari and Interlocked Glam inspire creativity.

Kehoe Designs is a nationally recognized company responsible for contributing contemporary decor to events of all kinds, with talented team of floral designers, and many creative in-house team members. Responding to the next generation of event design, BBJ Linen has collaborated with Kehoe Designs to showcase where the juxtaposition of classic and contemporary linen meet to create curated experiences. 

Read on to discover the inspiration behind each piece in the Gold Kroft Collection.


Kehoe 092717_0126.jpg

Azari, the signature linen in the collection. The dramatic replica of highly veined Picasso marble with its imperfections are part of the character that personify a new realm of desirability. An elegant pattern of black, gold and taupe, this stand out table linen features a luster side and a matte side.

Kehoe 092717_0158.jpg

Silver NovaKehoe 092717_0001.jpgKehoe 092717_0003 copy.jpg

Silver Nova is a soft burnished silver and gold metallic textile that is refined grandeur with an understated approachability.


Interlock Glam

Kehoe 092717_0421.jpg

The Interlock Glam is a mixed weave with so much personality; gold, light blue and millennial pink are defused by the warm gold metallic.Kehoe 092717_0457.jpg


Kehoe 092717_0420.jpg

Entangled is a textural gold sensation with an abstract graphic pattern that moves with light creating effects that are diffused and very modern.Kehoe 092717_0180.jpg

Onyx Coco

Kehoe 092717_0349.jpg

Onyx Coco is radiant with sequins in the glossiest black shimmer for that irresistible mood. The glistening look of this luxurious table linen is a great way to enhance the overall mood of your special event.

Kehoe 092717_0369.jpg


Molina RunnersKehoe 092717_0265.jpg

Available in three metallic shades: onyx, pewter, and bronze – the beautiful fretwork gives any table a sense of style with its overlapping octagons and triangles. These cutouts allow the base, whether mirror furniture or linen, to shine through.

Onyx Digital

Kehoe 092717_0190.jpg

Onyx Digital is a large scale matte and glossy. This dark linen is a versatile patten that is new and forward thinking.

Kehoe 092717_0209.jpg

Onyx Vera

Kehoe 092717_0291.jpg

Onyx Vera displays brilliance and luster that is oh so chic! Onyx Vera has a wonderful drape and plays against lighting beautifully.Kehoe 092717_0171.jpg


Design & Planning: Kehoe Designs | Plantscapes: Floral Exhibits | Venue: The Geraghty