August, 19, 2015

How to Select the Perfect Event Theme

Select the Perfect Event Theme for the Party

When you’re planning a wedding, graduation party, anniversary celebration, gala, or any other event, it can be difficult to think of a great theme. It helps if there’s a personal aspect to it, but if a client comes to you and says they have no idea where to start, you can feel a bit stuck. With that in mind, we’ve come up with tips to help you or your clients choose the perfect event theme.

Choose themes matching events

Get Inspired

There are plenty of different sites you can look to to find pictures of popular themes, ones that are more unique, and ones that are designed to be perfect for your specific event, whether you’re interested in luxury and opulence, an enchanted forest theme, or something completely different. Check out sites such as:

  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • The Knot
  • Wedding Bee


Make Sure the Theme Matches the Event

Once you’ve gotten a few ideas to consider, it’s important to assess whether they match with what sort of event you’re throwing. For instance, something like Under the Sea might not be the best idea for a wedding unless you’re really into Disney. You can choose themes like this, but make sure to dress them up in elegance to avoid seeming mismatched from the event. Explore a few different options before you make your ultimate choice.Brand-appropriate themes for business or charity

Consider All Aspects and Make Sure It’ll Work

Once you’ve considered a few different options, go through and look at the different things that you’ll have to match with the theme you are considering. Think about how you’d do the menu, the décor, what type of venue you’d need to rent out, what type of linen would look good on the table. Consider all the details of the event as well as your budget; if you have a great idea but a small budget, you’ll have to work harder to pull it off.


Make It Personal

Finally, choose an event theme that suits you or the event best. This may not need to be something overly personal but rather something that reflects either your personality or the couple’s personality, or the atmosphere of the charity that is benefitting from the gala. If you’re scheduling a business-dinner, be sure to ensure that the theme you choose is brand-appropriate.

What are some of your favorite event themes that you’ve planned?