August, 19, 2015

How to Select Reliable Event Vendors

Planning and executing an event flawlessly is important for every event planner. Making this a reality depends largely on your vendor selection. Selecting the right vendors to partner with is essential if you’re looking for a flawless event. Our seasoned team has put together a list of things to consider when selecting vendors to work with. We hope it helps you bring your clients a next level experience! 

Take Recommendations with a Grain of Salt

It’s a fact: Industry professional talk, and a friend’s good word can go far, but there is no one caterer, band, or florist that is perfect for everyone. Compatibility is key. Do you have similar taste and personality as the advisor? If not, proceed with caution. And steer clear of using all of the same vendors that a friend did. It can leave your event feeling like a repeat. 

Let Passion Guide Your Choices

Arm yourself and/or your client with notebooks, and spend some time recording anything you encounter that grabs you, whether it’s a color on a sign, a song on the radio, or a dessert at a restaurant. Then compare notes. Does food dominate your list? Did she jot down only song titles? This is a great exercise for finding out what really matters, so you can budget for the most important elements.

Talk to Former Clients

Once you’ve narrowed down the list of potential vendors, ask to talk to a few of the clients they’ve worked with in the past year. If too much time has gone by, their staff and resources have likely changed.

Examine the Details

Once you’ve sat down with a vendor and they’ve provided a contract, look at hours of coverage that will be provided, product details if they are providing supplies, the name of the particular individual that will be providing the service if you have requested someone specifically; any cancellation policy (if the client or the vendor cancels); any no-show policy (if the vendor does not show up); any back-up policy (if vendor is unable to be present due to unforeseen circumstances); and payment details including due dates and extra fees such as over-time and travel.