December, 13, 2015

How to Plan a Great-Looking, Last-Minute Corporate Holiday Party


If the holidays are sneaking up on you this season, don’t worry‚ you’re definitely not alone. If you still want to put together a great-looking corporate holiday party, but are in a time crunch, the good news is you’re not out of luck. There are plenty of ways to plan a beautiful, professional looking, and festive holiday party for your company even if you’re down to the wire with time.

Get Creative to Find a Venue

Around the holidays, venues can book up fast, so you’ll have to act fast when you find a great venue for your party. You may have to get creative, too‚ check out some venues that you haven’t booked at before, as well as new venues in the area that might have more openings or multiple event rooms to book up. Don’t be afraid to ask your client or your colleagues if they have any leads or connections for finding a party space, too. Alternatively, you can transform the office, if space allows for it.

Plan a Simple, Festive Theme


Keeping things simple is the best way to plan a party quickly‚ instead of using multiple fabrics or colors for the table linen, choose one color as the base, and an accent color to use for the napkins. This not only helps create a cohesive look, but it’s also quicker to set up.

Choose Flowers or Centerpieces in Coordinating Colors


A great way to carry your theme colors throughout the venue without making things too complicated for the planning committee (or yourself!) is to coordinate the floral arrangements or centerpieces with the table linen colors. When you plan this way, it’s easy to match decorations, since you’ll have color swatches.

Consider Less In-Demand Time Slots

Another way to have an easier time planning your event and finding a caterer is to plan for an earlier timeslot‚ a luncheon instead of a dinner party, for instance. The fastest-disappearing time slots are around dinnertime, so if you’re in a crunch, think about planning an earlier event. 


Have you ever had to plan a last minute holiday party? Tell us how you pulled it off!