August, 19, 2015

How to Find the Proper Linen Size

renting table linens based on size and height of event tables

When you’re planning an event and renting table linens for the existing tables, it can be difficult to find out what size linen you need, particularly because you may not know how much overhang there will be for a tablecloth’s given size.  In this guide, you’ll learn how to find the best size table linen for your event tables. 

Rent different sized tablecloths and linens for event tables

First Consider the Drop Level

The number one thing you’ll have to consider when ordering linen for your event is how much of a drop you want on your tables. Drop refers to how far fabric extends from the edge of the table to the floor. A half drop refers to a tablecloth that goes halfway to the floor, while a full drop goes all the way to the floor. A third, less popular option, is the puddle drop, which extends a bit past the floor (similar to the train of a dress). Figure out type of aesthetic you’re after: half drops are more casual, while full drops are more formal.

Figure Out the Size of Your Venue’s Tables

Next, of course, you’ll have to figure out the size of your venue’s tables. You’ll want to ask the venue coordinator or manager not only the size of the table, but also the height of the table‚ standard tablecloths are designed to fit standard-height tables, so if yours are taller, you’ll need to work around that. If your tables are taller or smaller than standard-sized table linens, talk to your linen vendor about what to do regarding the size you’ll need.


Sizes for Different-Shaped Tables

Thankfully, even though there are many different sized tables, there are a few different linen sizes that accommodate nearly all of them, meaning it’s not as difficult as you might think to get the proper-sized linen for your event tables. As long as you know the surface size of the table as well as how tall the tables are, you’re set. Let this helpful chart be a guide, but always check with your venue and vendors to verify you’re getting the proper size.

What types of tables do you think are the best shape? What level of drop do you like most? Tell us about it in the comments!