August, 19, 2015

How to Dress Up a Barn Wedding


When you hear the words barn wedding, you’re probably in one of two camps: you either love it and think it sounds like a romantic destination for your cowboy-booted fiancé and you to get hitched at, or you think it’s the absolute LAST place you’d ever consider getting married. If you’re somewhere in between though, and aren’t sure if there are enough ways to dress up the space enough for your taste, this article is for you. A barn wedding can be just as glamorous and beautiful as a wedding held anywhere else. Find out how you can dress up a barn wedding.

Don’t Go Too Overboard with Kitschiness

It can be tempting to make everyone wear cowboy boots and ten-gallon hats, but unless your theme is overtly country, this can come off a bit overwhelming. Instead, choose Western-inspired details for the décor, such as turquoise and gold linen, shabby chic candleholders or vases, and maybe even some cacti dotting the area.


Have Fun Mixing Different Styles

If you like the idea of a rustic wedding but wouldn’t be caught dead wearing boots with the spurs, it’s totally fine to wear your prized Jimmy Choos. Have fun mixing traditionally formal décor and wardrobe choices with more countryside-inspired pieces.  Want to serve Southern Comfort instead of Champagne? It’s your wedding, you can have whatever you like. From the windows to the wall, there are infinite ways to add elegant country charm to your event. For instance, you can choose to have Southwestern stationary as the place cards and menu, and then pretty it up by choosing lush flowers in corresponding colors. Use glittering sequined table linen, but dress it down a bit with mason jar glassware, perhaps.


Choose Romantic Details

At a soft, romantic barn wedding, there’s no point to make the lighting stark and harsh‚ just make sure all of the lights are bright enough‚ whether you use candles or dimmed sconces is up to you. Lean back into chairs that have covers that match your décor, be it a silky fabric or a fun shade. Want to feature longhorn skulls? Soften them up a bit by adorning them with a bit of flair‚ a gold chain or two or some flowers, or have them painted for an extra-personalized look.


What are some ideas you’ve had for making a barn wedding look glam?