August, 19, 2015

Hosting an Event at a Historic Site: Unique Features to Be Excited About

Historic site venue for events

When you’re looking for a truly unique venue for an event, be it a wedding, party, or otherwise, consider hosting at a historic site. A historic site that doubles as an event venue offers a variety of benefits‚ for one, it’s easy to incorporate the site’s natural beauty and intrigue into your event theme, and it’s also something that guests won’t expect. If you’re planning an event at a historic site, here are some things you should know or consider trying.

Respect the History

Research the historical site to avoid any unintentional offenses.

When you host an event at a historical site, it’s important to respect the history of the grounds. Whether it’s a monument, specific church, or anywhere else, it’s important to remember that although the space is being used for an event, that you should respect the site’s past. Research any customs that might be offensive to break, or ask the venue managers if there are any specific rules that need to be followed.

Be Extra Careful

In a similar vein, it’s essential that you and all guests are very careful to preserve the integrity of the site. Ensuring no damage is done when you host an event may include asking about childproofing certain areas or putting up velvet ropes to limit guests’ access to more fragile parts of the venue.

Draw Inspiration from the Era

Based on the historic site, select theme relavent décor, attire, menu, and other aspects for the event.

When choosing décor, attire, menu, and other aspects of the event, one great way to both respect the site as well as make your event look amazing is to draw inspiration from the era. For instance, if you’re hosting the event at a castle, look into who lived there in its heyday and find out the cultural influence of that time. Decorate according to various features of the venue, such as stained glass windows, arches, and more.

Create Unique Photo-Ops

Create unique photo ops for guests to enjoy

So long as it goes along with our first tip of respecting the area, creating some unique photo ops for guests can be a fun thing to do at a historical site. Set up a photo both with appropriate props that correspond to the historical background of the site, and let your guests get creative. 

Where is your dream historical venue site? Let us know about it!