December, 13, 2015

Have You Planned Your Fall Networking Event Yet?

Autumn and the beginning of winter are a busy time for many businesses. If you’re in charge of planning and hosting a conference or networking event, and haven’t begun your planning process, there’s still time to get down to it. It’s important to switch up the way you design and plan these events, too, so returning attendees will have a unique experience. Here are some helpful tips for planning a great networking or conference event for your company.

Use Different Table Setups

Instead of setting up tables banquet-style, scattered around the room, you can use clusters of smaller tables and have larger groups of people sit together. Or, you can set up long, rectangular tables in the shape of a circle or horseshoe in your venue, which allows for more focus on the presenter.

Ensure that Guests Have Breaks and Different Things to Learn

Creating an engaging corporate event means giving guests something they will love to learn. Whether that means different forms of media presentations, guest speakers, group projects, or a group discussion, try to come up with a variety of things to keep attendees listening and engaged.

Decorate the Venue Appropriately

Sure, corporate and business events are a bit different than say, a banquet or a wedding, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun planning it and creating an eventscape. Choose classic colors, or your company’s colors, to decorate the tables with high-end linen and, if there’s a meal being served, use charger plates to make the setup look professional as well. If the guests don’t know each other, be sure to include things like nametags for guests, so that people can feel comfortable around one another.

Compare Your Past Events

It’s okay to have some of the same elements, but it’s important to keep things fresh so that your company makes a good impression. Be sure to inject some freshness into the event to make it fun and engaging for attendees.

What are your best tips for planning a networking event?