October, 18, 2016

Haute Halloween: Follow a Dark Theme to New Drama

01_Haute_Halloween_Dark_Drama.pngArthur Engel

Halloween is not just for the kids. At least it shouldn’t be! And perhaps its time to move beyond pumpkins, witches and skeletons. This year, for a thoroughly adult celebration, why not move in a new direction? 

If you plan to dress up in a fabulous costume this Halloween, be daring and go glamorous! This is the year to break with the past. Anchor any table scheme with black, but be sure to mix it with plenty of white and silver — like moonlight at midnight! 

Dramatic and Unexpected

02_Dramatic_Unexpected.pngKonstantinos Floral Design & Decor Group

Forego the ghosts and goblins at a stunning All Hallows Eve dinner party and spark a dynamic mood with a focus on contrast and glitter. Embrace the drama of a table setting that highlights unexpected wine red dinner plates and goblets, centered by an elegant display of vibrant blooms in ornate, oversized urns. The glue that holds it all together is a brilliant silver, white and black patterned cloth – our Charcoal Charmed – that shines brightly without competing for attention.

Sophisticated and Graphic

03_Sophisticated_Graphic_Combination.pngArthur Engel

Dress a lighthearted table in something outrageously spectacular and unexpected. A sophisticated graphic combination of black and white makes a statement. The patterned tablecloth grounds the scheme, while a textured black runner becomes the  “backbone” of this setting.


04_Sophisticated_and_Graphic.pngArthur Engel

Let the “spirits” of the holiday shine with stylish white ceramic busts placed strategically along the table’s length. Gleaming silver, glowing candles and blood red rose petals complete the scene. For more edgy contrast, mix white upholstered benches on one side with slim black bamboo chairs along the other side of the table.

Achieve perfection for this decidedly out-of-the-mold Halloween table by placing a single red rose at each place. It’s hauntingly fresh and beautiful! The contrast of light and dark speaks to ancient traditions of belief and mystery, while the single color accent lends a note of theater. Your guests can’t help but applaud your vision.

05_New_Halloween_Tradition.pngArthur Engel

Let your special event on Halloween become a sophisticated and elegant expression of original Celtic celebrations, when the time of year marked both a beginning and an ending. This year, bring fantasy to your table and begin a new tradition. It is sure to be a treat!

Haute Halloween