April, 25, 2015

Great Ways to Use Emerald for Your Next Event’s Décor


The birthstone for the month of May is emerald, and it’s no surprise that it’s a popular shade for both jewelry and event décor. Because it’s not seen as a traditional wedding color like some other shades are (we’re looking at you, Tiffany blue), it can be used for weddings as well as other types of events, like baby or bridal showers, anniversary receptions, graduation parties and birthdays.  If you’re interested in using this rich gemstone shade for your event’s décor, check out our ideas for how to do so.

Pair it with Other Gemstone and Metallic Shades

Emerald doesn’t have to stand alone as the only opulent color at your event. Paired with rich plum shades (reminiscent of alexandrite or even amethyst) and sparkling gold, you can create a rich-looking event without breaking the bank. These shades look great for dinner parties and wedding receptions, and can be dressed up or down depending on the level of formalness you desire.

Incorporate Varying Shades of Green

The ombre look is popular these days, and with emerald, it’s easy to pull off. Like the stones themselves, emerald linen and other décor accessories, like table runners, plates and napkins are available in varying shades of emerald, and when used simultaneously, create a look that’s rich with depth and luxury. Try using the deepest shade as the table linen, with a lighter shade as the runner and a third, lighter still shade, for the napkins. 

Use Plants and Greenery to Lend a Lush Feeling


Emerald doesn’t have to just mean the gemstone‚ you can incorporate those rich shades of green into actual greenery for some of the décor. Succulents and some other plant types are grown in rich, dark green hues, perfect for centerpieces or even guest favors. If you’re working on a wedding, perhaps crafting an arch for your altar with winding vines might be an idea you consider.                 

Let Green Be the Star of the Show

If you want green to really pop, set it against a neutral or very light background color‚ for instance, use bright white table linens, with an ecru table runner. Then, set green charger plates out, with green napkins in a darker or lighter shade than the plates, at each place setting. The neutral background allows the bright green color to really shine.

Let Attendees or Your Wedding Party Dress the Part

If you’re planning a wedding, incorporating green into the wardrobe is easy‚ bridesmaids can wear green gowns, and groomsmen can wear matching emerald ties (or, they can wear the same suits and different types of green ties, for added visual interest!). If you want, you can even extend the invite for your guests to dress in the varying shades of green. Encourage a variety of styles, and let your guests know that you’re planning an emerald-themed event and would love to see them show off their fashion sense. Of course, make sure your guests know the dress code is not mandatory, just encouraged‚ though, most will likely participate. 

How are you going to use emerald for your event?