November, 16, 2017

Gold Kroft: A Kehoe Collection Preview Party

On October 26th BBJ Linen and Kehoe Designs unveiled the Gold Kroft a Kehoe Collection, an exclusive new line of inspired linen. The collection was developed in creative partnership with Kehoe Designs and bears the high-end residential aesthetic which is the hallmark of the acclaimed event décor company.  In celebration of the release of this monumental collection, Kehoe and BBJ Linen invited event professionals and designers to experience styled vignettes featuring the bold new collection before the launch date.  The Preview Party took place at The Geraghty, a breathtaking venue designed by Tom Kehoe, two days before the collection was released. 

An Inspired Event

Azari, the signature fabric of this collection, is a dramatic replica by a highly veined Picasso marble. All of the other fabrics that make up the Gold Kroft Collection were carefully created to pair with Azari and each other.  AE5_3162.jpg

Guests of the event were given the opportunity to see the vison that the designers had when crafting this collection.  Designed tablescapes featuring all of the collection’s pieces were in perfect harmony thoughout the space.

Dressed in KroftAE6_1488.jpg

The tables weren’t the only thing draped in Gold Kroft, Kehoe Designs also had matching lounge furniture and décor items made of these fabulous fabrics.  The Kehoe Designs and BBJ Linen team members were also dressed in Azari, the signature fabric for the Gold Kroft Collection.  AE6_1635.jpg

Beautiful Tablescapes

Table styled in the Gold Kroft Collection fabrics were on display throughtout the space.  A smoky mirrored king’s table was a show stopper that showed off the Bronze Molina table runner and Interlock Glam napkins.  This polished look was paired with Luxe chargers, onyx flatware, gold metallic accents and blush pink roses. 


The signature fabric of the collection, Azari, was also a statement table at the event.  Paired with rich caramel and burgundy tones, this look is chic and welcoming.  


High Style HighboysAE5_3209.jpg

Onyx digital and Interlock Glam were draped over highboys and cabaret tables thoughout the space.  Paired with different style seating, these designs gave the space an eclectic feel. AE5_3189.jpg


The Collection’s Story

This collection, that features nine bold and memorable patterns in a wide range of glamorous colors, luxurious patterns and metallic finishes, is nothing like any other collection BBJ has released before.  Developed in creative partnership with Kehoe Designs, it bears the high-end residential aesthetic with patterns and finishes inspired by the glamor and sophistication of the 1920’s.  

Hear how the entire collection came together from the designers at Kehoe Designs and BBJ Linen.


Design & Planning: Kehoe Designs | Plantscapes: Floral Exhibits | Venue: The Geraghty