April, 25, 2015

Gemstone Spotlight: How to Use Diamonds at Your Wedding

How to Use Diamonds at Your Event

If you’re planning a formal event like a wedding, and you want to focus on sparkle and shine, what better way to do it than by incorporating the feel and look of diamonds into your décor? Check out these 10 ideas for incorporating diamonds‚ or at least the look of them‚ into your wedding décor.

1) Use rolls of rhinestones to accent table décor.

If you’re using chair backs or chair ties, consider tying the fabric into a bow and lining the center of the bow with a roll of rhinestone ribbon.  This can add a subtle sparkle to every chair and make your guests feel like royalty.

2) Decorate the tables with Tiffany blue linen.

Though not diamond or sparkly in and of itself, the color of Tiffany blue instantly makes people think of the jewelry store and its associated diamonds. Using crisp, light turquoise tablecloths at your wedding. Our Tiffany Blue Lamour table linen will fit the bill perfectly.

3) Ask your baker to use edible glitter for sparkle on the cake.

Though not quite diamonds, if you add edible glitter to your cake, it will give the illusion of gemstones, particularly if your cake is under lights. You can even ask if your baker can carve the cake into the shape of a diamond if you want to really go for the diamond theme.

Tiffany blue linen table decorations

4) Craft a sparkly piñata shaped like a diamond for a unique game

Not traditional for weddings, but always fun, piñatas can be a unique addition to your nuptials. You can either DIY this project or seek out a manufacturer or crafter on Etsy who makes a diamond-shaped piñata. Then, have each guest line up and take a shot at it. Fill it with wrapped hard candies to carry through the gemstone idea.

5) Use sequined table linen to add shine.

Use BBJ Linen’s Gold Tori or Platinum Tori table linen or runners to add glitz and glamour to your venue’s tables. Obviously, they are more metallic than gemstone, but under lighting they will sparkle all the same‚ especially the Platinum Tori. For a more subdued look, our Silver Aspen table linen weaves to together metallic and matte threads for multi-dimensional sparkle!

6) Serve a Diamond cocktail     

A Diamond martini is one wherein the gin or vodka is pre-chilled in the freezer before being mixed with vermouth. The liquor won’t freeze, but it will make for a very, very cold beverage, which can be refreshing if it’s warm out, especially if the drink is finished with a lemon twist. Alternatively, serve a Diamond Fizz, which is a drink made up of two ounces of gin, the juice of half a lemon, one teaspoon of powdered sugar, and a finishing pour of Champagne. Shake the first three ingredients in a shaker, and pour into a highball glass with two ice cubes. Fill the rest of the glass with chilled Champagne.

7) Use diamond-accented napkin rings.

While a small touch, diamond napkin rings can tie your tablescape together. Whether you incorporate an intricate napkin fold, or have something simple in mind, our Silver Diamond napkin ring or Silver Monarch mini buckle will give your place settings that extra sparkle. 

Sequined table linen 

8) Make a bouquet out of clear-stone brooches or add stones to flowers.

Brooch bouquets are becoming more and more popular, but you can make yours shine bright like, well, diamonds, by using brooches that only feature clear stones rather than brightly colored gems. Hold the bouquet together with a metallic or jewel-toned ribbon, and for even more sparkle, incorporate the rhinestone ribbon from the chairs into the bouquet as well.

If you want to use real flowers, however, you can buy glue-on or stick-on gemstones and place them onto the various flowers in your bouquet. When the lights or sun catch them, it’ll sparkle and look beautiful and unique.

9) Use diamond-shaped paperweights on tables as decoration.

You can choose any color for these, but if you use clear paperweights, it can look like loose diamonds scattered across your tables. You can also allow guests to take the paperweights home at the end of the reception if you like!

10) Drape sequin overlays onto your tables

If you don’t want to use sequined table linen on your entire table, you can use a table overlay that is a little more subtle. BBJ’s Silver Sequin with Black is perfect for a formal wedding, but isn’t as sparkly as the Tori linen.

How are you incorporating diamonds into your wedding? Let us know in the comments!

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Debi Lily – A Perfect Event

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Table linen: Silver Aspen

Napkins: Platinum Lamour