April, 25, 2015

Five Most Overlooked Details of Event Planning

When event planning, planners and hosts make no mistake to cover things like the menu, DJ, decorations, and venue. When you’re planning a party, wedding, or any other event, everything is in the details, so it’s important not just to plan for the big things, but also to take note of the smaller bits and pieces of the planning process and make sure that nothing gets overlooked.

Here are five details that are commonly overlooked at any event. Read on to make sure you’re not overlooking them too!  

1)    Lighting


If you visit a venue during one time of day (say, midday), but the event is scheduled for evening, it’s important to double check that the lighting will be ideal for what mood you are trying to set. It may be too dark or too bright, and you’ll need to plan ahead to remedy that.


2) Bathrooms and Coat Check

You’ll want to make sure that your guests have a place to keep their coats and that the bathrooms are clean and tidy‚ bonus points for special accommodations like hairspray or gum in the restrooms, as well. Making sure that there are enough amenities at the venue is very important.



3) The First Impression‚ the Entrance

Of course you plan what the event’s room looks like down to the last flower petal or candle, but what about the entryway to the venue itself? Most venues have rather nondescript entrances, especially if there are multiple events, so it’s important to get creative when decorating the entrance so that guests get a great first impression.

4) Guests’ Awareness of the Event’s Timeline

When your client sends out invitations for their event, or at least a few weeks before the event takes place, it can be very helpful to include a timeline or itinerary so that guests know how to plan their day. For instance, if they are getting to the event via public transportation, but the reception is in a different location from the ceremony, they’ll need to plan for that.

5) Staff Preparedness

Finally, one of the details that people often don’t consider is whether the venue or event staff is prepared to answer any last minute questions or whether they will be around to help guests at the event with anything they might need. It’s important to ensure that onsite staff is informed and ready to help make the event go smoothly. 

What details do you always make sure to double check on your checklist?