August, 01, 2017

Fall in Love with Smoky Blue

Using several shades of wintry, smoky blue set off against warm brick, rustic wood flooring and tables is stunning. With a mix of earthy elements and the first green shoots of spring, this wedding party decor is anything but ordinary.

Blue Velvet Wedding | BBJ Linen

Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the Yellowstone River and its pebbled banks, along with spring’s early growth, this modern interpretation of Montana rustic is as comforting as it is beautiful.

Blue Accent Wedding Outfits | BBJ Linen

Draped for Effect

Blue Velvet Drapery Wedding | BBJ Linen

Against the weathered brick of the contemporary industrial-vibe event space, massive swaths of grey, white and blue are used to soften the surroundings, adding depth and charm for both photo backdrops and seating areas.

Well Worn — Fresh Born

Blue Accent Wedding Cake | BBJ Linen

The juxtaposition of well-worn natural elements against the newness of fresh sprigs of green — it’s a reminder of the cycles of life and the passage of time, perfect for a wedding symbolizing new beginnings.


Old and New

Onyx silver contrasts with pale wood-tone chargers, while a spectrum of blues from palest whisper to deep midnight speak of honest natural surroundings. A pale grey-blue linen runner meanders like a river atop the luxurious blue velvet table drape, while lighter dove grey napkins accentuate each place setting.

Blue Velvet Tablescape | BBJ LinenBlue Velvet Table Event Design | BBJ Linen

Inspired by Nature

Blue Agate Wedding Invitation Suite | BBJ Linen

Between winter snows and spring’s greening, nature seems a bit uncertain — blues skies are sometimes grey and melting snow uncovers worn geodes along with tender new plants. It’s this air of mystery and expectation that is captured beautifully, both in the printed cards and menus and in the table settings.

Smoky Blue Velve Wedding | BBJ Linen

Icy Blue Warmth

Smoky Blue Wedding Dress | BBJ Linen

A luxurious grey-blue caplet symbolizes cool and stylish seasonal warmth — the overriding wedding vibe. And what bride wouldn’t feel special wrapped in fur?

The Promise of Spring

Blue tapers in a variety of holders march through a garden path of white flowers capping fresh green stalks, highlighted by an occasional bright violet bloom. It’s an unstudied tablescape, and a gorgeous reiteration of the old-new theme.

Purple Accent Wedding FlowersBlue Velvet Wedding Decor | BBJ Linen

Simple, Natural and Rustic

Rustic Blue Wedding Design | BBJ Linen

China, with just a smattering of blue on a white ground, was chosen to complete rather than compete with pale wood-toned chargers, grey “concrete” place card holders, dusky blue and smoked goblets and simple flatware. Delicate greenery placed atop a barely there clear salad plate enlivens the presentation.

Delightfully “Drab”

Blue Agate Wedding Menu | BBJ Linen

Oversized “menu boards” of cascading butcher paper are used alongside driftwood, sliced tree rounds, polished river stones and textured linen in tones of grey and subtle tan, as well as the blues, greys and reflective blue-grey shine of tarnished silver. Beverage and dessert stations come alive in delightfully unexpected ways!

Rustic Bar Cart | BBJ Linen

To Your Health

Blue Accent Bar Cart and Sweets Table | BBJ Linen

A modern chrome and glass bar cart is softened with a cascading drape of fabric. Contemporary silver banded glassware stays true to the theme of smoky blue, while cocktails are spiked with subtle greenery and blooms.


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