August, 19, 2015

Fall Color Trends Event Planners Need to Know


When you’re signing on new clients for fall events like weddings, it’s important to be well-versed in current trends for colors and décor. This fall, you won’t have any trouble doing that‚ we’re here to help, showing off the latest in fall color trends.

Take Cues from Nature

Incorporate shades from things like the forest, nighttime skies, and end-of-summer sunsets. Brown table linen, such as our Copper Birch pattern, invokes feelings like you’re surrounded by trees, and when you accent it with some lush, green centerpieces and metallic candle holders, you can create a romantic setting for a beautiful wedding or party. Use unique dishes such as shimmering black charger plates to bring drama to the tablescape, and your event will be what everyone’s talking about.


Incorporate Warm, Metallic Shades

You might think that metallic shades are a little overdone, but the reason they’re so popular is because they always look great. Instead of going toward changing-leaf color schemes, though, go for something unexpected, like pairing gold linen with soft pink and white accents. While you might think that those colors together is too spring-like, the truth is these shades are becoming more and more common during fall and winter events.



Don’t Be Afraid of Bright Patterns

Instead of shying away from bold shades like papaya or grass green, use them in abundance and pair them with autumnal accessories, such as textured, jewel-toned charger plates or fall foliage as the centerpieces. If you don’t want to overwhelm the event space, you can use runners on bare tables so that the pattern isn’t too distracting. For instance, pair the Clover Mesa Runner with the Papaya Mesa Napkins, then use clear charger plates with gold borders for added elegance. Fill planter boxes with flowers, succulents, and different grasses to tie the look together. 


Reversible Linen That Complements Itself

Another décor trend that’s gaining speed is the use of reversible linen. It allows you to use the same color in slightly different shades, or even reversed patterns for visual interest. Reversible fabrics let you use the same type of linen, for instance, for the tablecloths as well as the napkins, and yet they’ll look different enough to make people wonder what the trick is. 

What are some fall event décor trends you’re noticing?