August, 19, 2015

Fall and Winter Event Looks Party Planners Can’t Get Enough Of

If you’re planning an event for fall or winter, you can’t afford to miss out on the latest trends for décor. Since the trends this year are so varied, you’re bound to find something that you love for whatever type of event you’re planning, and we’re glad to have rounded everything up for you in our. What can you expect to see this year?


Bright, Bold Colors

No more shying away from bright colors once the temperatures drop. Instead, be brave and check out Papaya, Clover, and other vivid hues that will give your event a pop of color and liveliness. Much of fall and winter décor focuses on softer, more natural looking shades, so using these bright colors are sure to be unexpected‚ your guests will love it. Complement these bright fabrics and linen choices with multicolored floral arrangements on the tables and simple, clean-lined dishes and stemware.

Festive and Fun

For the holidays, you’ll love our metallic choices for charger plates and linen, as well as bright red options for both products as well. They’ll inspire a festive feeling among your event guests, and they’re a classic look that’s easy to customize. Whether you prefer gold accented with soft pastel floral bursts, or a bold table with intense, rich jewel tones, our inventory has everything you need to dress the tables for the season, such as:

  • Poppy Duet Table Linen
  • Poppy Bravado Napkins
  • Ice Square Silver Chargers
  • Gold Helena Overlays with Apricot Shantung Table Linen
  • Gold Cornwall Napkin Ring
  • Ice Square Gold Chargers

Inspired By Nature

If you look forward to autumn’s changing leaves, earthy shades, and crisp air, then our copper birch table linen is for you. It mimics the look of tree trunks (if tree trunks looked elegant), and when paired with complementary napkins and candle holders, the look begins to come together. Add in black chargers and stemware that brings to mind the look of a dark night sky during the autumn months, and you’re ready to celebrate.

Texture Abound

We’re also seeing a lot of texture appearing in event planning for fall and winter this year. Textured charger plates add another layer of beauty to the table, and they look great when placed between patterned tablecloths and patterned napkins‚ giving a grounding effect for the bold fabric.

Check out our Fall/Winter Lookbook yourself for tons of event inspiration today!