August, 19, 2015

Event Recap: BBJ Linen Hosts Open House for Over 800 Guests

As leaders in the event linen rental industry, BBJ is constantly looking for new ways to show our clients how much we appreciate them and their business. Most recently, we hosted an open house for all of our top clients here at our facility and corporate office in Niles, IL. Our sales staff flew in from our 17 nationwide offices, and together, we created a celebration that represented everything BBJ does and stands for.

No Surface Left Untouched

Participation in our open house was even greater than we had planned for‚ we had hoped and planned on 600 people attending, but the event was a huge success, drawing about 800 guests. Every part of our facility was decked out for the event, starting, of course, at the entrance. Before guests even came inside, a professional valet service took care of parking their cars. The entryway was decked out with our Natural Yuma, Garnet Isla Runners, and Red Lamour Chair Pad Covers.

Great Features and Attractions

Once guests came further into the facility, they got a chance to see our photo studio, where we take all the pictures for our photo galleries. There, we focus on our newest product launches as well as creating unique combinations of colors, textures, and patterns, to show planners and hosts alike how to put together looks that display their personalities. After taking in the wonder that is the photo studio, guests met with BBJ staff to talk about services while they were treated to bar service and catered apps. 


Past that area, our guests toured the showroom, where sales staff from Chicago, Atlanta, and St. Louis guided them. There, three separate showspaces were dedicated to our newest Fall Launch items:

  • Poppy Bravado (complemented by Azalea Shantung and Orchid Shantung)
  • Copper Birch (enhanced by Chestnut Shantung)
  • Golden Helena (accented with Apricot Shantung)

The showroom area also featured more catered food, perfect for hungry guests.

Club BBJ, the Main Event, and More

Our Open House event also featured Club BBJ, which was an ideal space for showing off our sequin and spandex linen products. A DJ and dancing, even more great food, and bar service made it difficult for our guests to leave, but what awaited them was something even better: Our main event, which took place in our warehouse space that had been completely transformed into a party room. Here, we showcased all of our products.

Each of the companies attending decorated their own individual vignette or room, and their mini-event spaces showed off current trends and design ideas‚ we wanted the maximum amount of creativity in our warehouse, and we got it. These vignettes were designed by a pairing of a caterer and a decorator, and the main designs they put together were as such:

  • Yellows, Taupes, Golds
  • BBJ Choices: Jahan Sheer, Taupe Miramar, Ecru Tori, Lino Ginger Chargers                                    
  • Blacks, Grays, Whites
  • BBJ Choices: Black Shantung, Zodiac Table Cuffs, Black Houndstooth, Black Mod 
  • Greens, Blues
  • BBJ Choices: Bimini, Mint Tori, Lagoon Gables, Pistachio Gables, Chargers ‚Äö√Ñ√¨ Sea Sponge Turquoise, Tidal Wave Gray, Marbella Citron
  • Pinks, Purples, Reds
  • BBJ Choices: Red Shanelle, Bonita Sheer, Silver Cotier, Red Lamour

Our amazing partnerships allowed us to create the biggest and best event we could, and it would not have been the same without all of our vendors. This open house‚ which was more like a party, if you ask us!‚ was hopefully not the last one we’ll do.

A big thanks goes to all of our partners who helped us make this event possible!

We shared our company’s ideas, values, and products, and everyone who attended has a great time. Want to find out what makes BBJ Linen work for our clients? Call us today to talk more.