August, 19, 2015

Event Menu Trends for 2015

Designs tablescapes for unique menu arrangements

At BBJ Linen, we take pride in creating extraordinary tablescapes that enhance our clients’ vision and taste. And as an event planner or food professional, you know that whether it’s a cocktail party for 50 guests or a seated dinner for 10,000, it’s about bringing all of the elements together to produce a successful event.

Much like fashion, event trends and styles change with the seasons. Despite that, non-trendy is often a trend all of its own. Think approachable, yet elevated! What will set 2015 apart from previous years? Here are our predictions for the top menu trends to expect this year:


Provide eco-friendly menu

Green wedding elements are one of the hottest trends among brides. Luckily, vendors are offering eco-friendly options that make it easy to go green in a chic and stylish way. A few green menu examples include farm to table dinners, locally sourced or organic themes, and fresh takes on desserts or appetizers.

Raw & Vegan Foods

It’s a given that your clients will want least one or two vegetarian options at their events, but these days more people are serving raw, vegan and gluten-free foods too. It’s not just to accommodate guests with food allergies ‚Äö√Ñ√¨ industry professionals are creating really incredible menus that even your meat eaters enjoy. A few of our favorite vegan ideas: vegan sushi, falafel sliders, and tomato risotto cakes.

Smaller Sips & Bites

small food samples to create and informal atmosphere

Be it flights of craft beer, shots of different bourbons, wine samplings, sangria that goes from white to pink to deep red, or even a lemonade or fizzy soda bar, guests should be able to sample an array of beverages. Likewise, we are seeing more caterers offering miniature foods and rotating appetizers over formal sit-down meals.

caterers now offer miniature and customized foods

Deconstructed Desserts

Deconstructed dishes don’t only involve taking the dish apart, but putting their elements back together. Today creative chefs and caterers are taking ingredients that are normally combined; changing their forms, and then plating them together in a different way. A prime example is pie in a glass, such as this deconstructed lemon merengue pie.

What trends are you most looking forward to in 2015?