January, 09, 2020

Evaluating Different Meeting Designs for Your Next Corporate Event

When planning a corporate event, the setup plays an essential part in how well the meeting goes. Attendees typically respond better with a well-thought-out layout rather than one that looks haphazardly thrown together without much attention to detail. Corporate gatherings are often held as networking events or as celebrations of milestones within the business or industry. It is essential to design things in a way that is beneficial to the guests. Different meeting floor plans can foster different atmospheres at the event. Read more below on how to decide which setup best fits your event. 


Corporate Event Planning

Featured Linen: Ivory Twist Table Linen, Chocolate Lamour Napkin, White Lamour Sham Chair Pad Cover
Credits: Asheville Event Co, US Cellular Center

Boardroom Setup

Boardroom setups are ideal for smaller gatherings, such as the Board of Directors meetings, committee meetings, or discussion groups, because they foster an excellent working atmosphere. These setups promote interaction between participants. This layout is ideal when planning a corporate event for a small team to discuss new ideas or a networking event where you want people to get to know each other. 

For a traditional 8ft by 30″ banquet table, for floor-length coverage, use any of our linens that come in 90″ x 156″.  

Boardroom SetupFeatured Linen: Nile Sonnet Table Linen, Gold Contour Napkin, Black Lamour Elastic Chair Pad Cover
Credits: 360 Destination Group, Chicago Art Institute

Hollow Square

Hollow square layouts are similar to the boardroom style but typically seat more individuals. This would be an ideal setup for events where larger group discussion is important and does not have a sole presenter. Traditionally this layout allows for more personal space and better sightlines for all attendees. 


Like the Boardroom setup, any of our 90″ x 156 linens would provide floor-length coverage for a traditional 8ft by 30″ banquet table.

U-Shaped Seating

U-shape layouts are another appropriate setup for smaller meetings. The setup involves a series of conference tables in the shape of a U, with chairs around the outside. The U-shaped structure is great for presentations or when there is a speaker because it provides a focal point. For this design, try to keep the group size on the smaller side to ensure optimal participation.


Any of our linens that come in 90″ x 156 linens would provide floor-length coverage for a traditional 8ft by 30″ banquet table.

U-Shaped SeatingFeatured Linen: Eggplant Mosaic Table Linen, Pink Radar Napkin
Credits: Allie Marion Photography, Bottaia Winery, RSVP Florals, Borrowed Blu, Theoni Collection

Banquet Seating

Banquet seating is traditionally utilized for more significant events where there is a food service, such as conventions, galas, and other large-scale gatherings. With this setup, you can plan for a variety of tables. Either all one size or different sizes and shapes. Banquet style seating is also a great way to make attendees feel valued. Additionally, it offers guests an opportunity to get to know people they may not otherwise.


When planning an event utilizing 72″ round tables, any of our 132” round linens will provide floor-length coverage. Similar for a 60″ round table, any of 120″ round linens will cover to the floor. 


For catering or food stations, any of our 90″ x156″ linens are ideal. 

Banquet SeatingFeatured Linen: Aqua Rhythm Table Linen, Orange Lamour Napkin
Credits: Shana Cassidy, Catalina Casino Weddings

If hosting an area for cocktails, to cover a highboy to the floor, use one of our 120 round linens. Looking for an hour-glass shape, use a 132″ round linen and pair it with our chair ties or table cuff accessories.

Highboy CorporateFeatured Linen: Silver Cotier Table Linen, Silver Halo Table Linen, Black Compass Table

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