January, 03, 2017

Embrace Greenery for Fresh Spirit in 2017

Pantone Color of the Year | BBJ LinenPhoto courtesy of Pantone

The Color of the Year for 2017 is Greenery, chosen by Pantone Color Institute, the arbiter of trendy tones for decades. And because it’s such a “natural,” it’s a sure bet we’ll all be seeing this trendy tone in everything from haute couture to kitchen accessories, from table settings to bridesmaids’ gowns, perhaps even on fingernails and flashy automobiles. At BBJ, we agree that this color, reminding us of summer gardens, key limes, and kiwi fruit is a great choice for special events that run the gamut from frivolous to formal. Here are some of the ways we envision using this new “old color” all year long!

Greenery: “Nature’s Neutral”

Nature's Neutral | BBJ LinenPhoto courtesy of Trendland

Pantone notes that this bright yellow-green symbolizes a basic human need to reconnect with “nature, one another and a larger purpose.” That’s why you’ll see it popping up in people’s homes in the form of live plants. We love an ombré table runner mixed with vibrant tones of purple orchids, accented with glittering jars and candles.

Pistachio Ombre | BBJ LinenHMR – Morgan MFG Industrial Accents 

Go Green and Be Exciting

Go Green and Be Exciting | BBJ LinenAlante Photography | Taylor’d Events 

Green, in modern vernacular, has a meaning larger than a single definition, symbolizing a sustainable and caring connection with the world. Add elegance to your special event, but speak it softly! Your innate sense of style will shine clearly, and you’ll wow your guests with your restraint. Adding green accent walls into your home gives it just the pop of color it needs to feel warm and inviting!

Add a Green Accent Wall | BBJ LinenThomas Look | Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

Shimmering and Sunny

Shimmering and Sunny | BBJ LinenPhoto 1: Photo courtesy of Archzine – Photo 2: Alante Photography | Taylor’d Events

Make your kitchen’s natural light carry through with accent green chairs! You can’t go wrong with the bright and natural color. Use greenery linens to play up the sunny side of life: combine dark greens with golds, or pair greenery with bright yellows and cream, adding in a few sunset brights for added excitement. BBJ’s Gold and Bimini are a perfect choice for this unusually pleasing color combination.

Bimini Table Runner | BBJ LinenAdvantage Destination & Meeting Services, Inc | Photographer: Lena Valdes

Cool It Down

Cool It Down | BBJ LinenDynamic Events | Artist Group Photography

Greenery can stand on its own as a delightful accent in a sea of cream and white. Perfect for an outdoor event where natural greenery forms a backdrop, use only a bit of this 2017 hue to highlight and accentuate the beauty of the outdoors. Here, the hue makes a limited appearance on chair seats; apple green lamour drapes select tables, contrasting with the basic white theme. It’s all the color necessary for the stunning setting.

Apple Green Lamour | BBJ LinenDynamic Events | Artist Group Photography

Green Goes Dramatic

Green Goes Dramatic | BBJ Linen

These high-boy tables are a perfect example of how exuberance is unlimited. This setting shows how well the new greenery can hold hands with other brights. With an appetizer setting this vibrant it would be impossible not to have a great time!

Take it to the next level and create a dramatic kitchen. These green walls will have you singing as you prepare meals at any time of day.

Green High-Boys | BBJ LinenPopping Green Kitchen | BBJ LinenPhoto courtesy of Behr

Flirty and Fun

Flirty and Fun | BBJ LinenSteel Honeycomb | BBJ Linen
Abbie O Events

Steel Honeycomb proves that graphic designs are a great way to underscore a table setting and that there’s no reason to be timid with color or with pattern. Deep-toned leafy centerpieces patterned gold, and white china, and unexpectedly bold chargers are the perfect final touch.

Bold Chargers | BBJ LinenWooded Greenery | BBJ LinenAbbie O Events