August, 28, 2019

Elevating Your Event with Chargers & Placemats

When you think of table chargers and placemats where does your mind go? Are you immediately doing a mental head-count of your guests so you can order a charger for each person’s setting? You aren’t alone.

But when the BBJ designers think of chargers, we like to get creative. Here, we’ll talk through a different way to think about chargers in your tablescape to get a better understanding of all the different ways chargers can be used.

Using chargers in your table design is simple if you remember the rule of high, medium, and low in event design. High event design meaning using the chargers, or any piece, in most of the space throughout the venue. Medium refers to using them in a smaller section, such as the head table or another focal point. Low refers to smaller spaces like à la carte options or serving trays. Check out these charger designs using high, medium and low event design methods

High – Elevated Simplicity

place setting with chargers

Top: Photography: Aislinn Kate Floral: Florals by the Sea Venue: Carillon Weddings | Bottom: Planning and Design: Dynamic Events by David Caurso, Photography: Luminaire Foto Rentals: 50Fifty Creative, Venue: The Club at Mediterra

Chargers elevate event designs. When designing a high event design tablescape, it’s important to think about the color, style, theme and even texture of chargers to properly accent the table linen because the chargers will be used throughout the venue, of course. It’s always best to think about chargers in the same way we think about how flatware or glassware enhances the look of the entire table as a cohesive design.

Chargers are especially great for mirror tables or light-up tables to add an extra layer to the design, or they can be used with a placemat for a similar layered effect. Not everyone can afford to dress every table with high-end linen so using the high design method, chargers are a great way to dress up simple linen. For example, our simple faille linen can be dressed up with a beaded placemat and some sprigs for a dramatic look.

Medium – Creativity Comes to Life

place setting with metal chargersLeft: Photography: Carrie King, Planning: Pink Diamond, Floral: Petal Perfect, Venue: Stanley |  Right: Planning/Photography: Curious Lola, Floral: Lola Creative, Venue: North Creek Schoolhouse, Chairs: & Dinnerware: Grand Event Rentals

On to the medium design method. This is where we can have fun and get creative with chargers. They don’t need to be at every place setting to make an impact on your event. This method is ideal for bringing focus to different areas of your venue.

One fantastic example that captures the idea of the medium method is hanging metal placemats to further accent “vision walls” or “moment walls” displaying photos. In a similar fashion, you can use chargers to highlight walkways, buffet tables, or highboy tables. For a modern twist on a traditional tablescape, you can even line up the Gold Deco Placemats to use as table runners for a more interesting table feature. Using chargers in these ways can add drama and emotion to your theme and truly elevate your aesthetic for little effort and cost.

Low – Flexibility is Key

place setting with metal chargersPhotography: Charla Storey  Floral: David Kimmel  Venue: The Modern  Rentals: POSH Couture Rentals Paper Products: Minted

The low method uses chargers in the most practical way. This method is used to uniquely feature single selections of your event. It’s all about the details. Using chargers as serving pieces for à la carte options or hors d’oeuvres is a prime example of how you can zhuzh-up your event design by adding detailed accents. Plus, our chargers are hotbox and freezer safe so you can preset appetizers on them and then wash them off to use for desserts later on. Of course, there are plenty more creative uses for chargers in the low method. Our Hammered Clear with Black Charger or Bronze Edge Metal Placemat both work wonderfully in centerpiece displays for high-boys.


Chargers can highlight your event’s theme, its emotion, and its colors and elevate any event as a whole. They’re so versatile we could probably talk about them for hours on end. But, we want you to share your creativity with BBJ Linen chargers! Let us and our followers see how you use chargers in your next event by tagging us on Instagram.