November, 29, 2016

December Color Palettes: Gold

Gold is our choice for weddings this December. Warm up the scene with a golden glow, and then choose a color that you love to infuse your celebration with warmth and personality. There’s no reason why the scene should be frosty; spark interest and defy the commonplace with spirited combinations.

We find these cheerful and bright examples enormously appealing!

All that Glitters

01_All_That_Glitters.pngFleur Inc.

Go for the gold, but accent it with the deepest of ruby reds for a winning table setting. Establish the theme with dramatic table linens that hint at the beauty of natural marble. Highlight the drama by using soft gold napkins and extend the shine to china, flatware, candleholders and chair frames.

02_Winning_Table_Setting.pngFleur Inc.

Dramatic Accents

03_Dramatic_Accents.pngFleur Inc.

The surprise of deep-toned blooms in unobtrusive clear vases is an unexpected delight. And the symbolic wishbone at each place should assure that “happily ever after!” What a perfect way to mark your occasion during a season that is meant for celebrating love and togetherness.

Ornate and Elegant

04_Ornate_and_Elegant.pngErica Ann Photography

With a glittering effect, as intricate as spun gold, this beautiful table runner is impressive indeed for a dining table that is regal and striking, but surprisingly restrained. Limited to gold, with just a hint of color in underskirt and napkins, the real punch comes from the vibrant floral notes — deep maroon, navy, rich peach and a mossy green.

Perfect Balance

05_A_Glittering_Effect.pngErica Ann Photography

What could seem heavy and overdone becomes an airy expression of opulent contrasts — the open pattern of the ornately woven cloth contrasts with clear crystal. Mixed gold and silver, a balance of tall floral displays with small scale spots of color, and the charming appearance of light chair pads against open-weave gold-toned backs and legs. 

06_Perfect_Balance.pngErica Ann Photography


Fresh and Informal

07_Fresh_and_Informal.pngPhotography: Studio Uma | Merveille Events

Gold tones can be surprisingly casual and trendy, with an underlying elegance to satisfy your traditional soul, when you combine them with a bold swath of saturated color. Table runners of luscious, textured aquamarine on long stretches of otherwise unadorned wood tables set the tone for a novel and singularly exciting celebration.

08_Less_Can_Be_More.pngPhotography: Studio Uma | Merveille Events

Less Can Be More

09_Singularly_Exciting_Celebration.pngPhotography: Studio Uma | Merveille Events

We love the creative use of mismatched but complementary seating, the exuberance of an oversize hanging basket of greens and bright flowers as solitary room embellishment, and the precise, but random placement of colorful garden blooms, place cards, golden chargers and simple gold napkins. There’s a spare simplicity to this scene that is childishly appealing!

10_Exuberant_Celebratory_Themes.pngPhotography: Studio Uma | Merveille Events

The lesson for December events? Mix rich metallics with moody maroons, multicolored floral displays, or pastels more commonly associated with spring for exuberant celebratory themes.

Gold Color Palettes