August, 19, 2015

Creating Ballroom Bliss: Fabric and Texture Trends

For a Cinderella-esque ball room try luscious fabrics, luxe colors, and opulent décor

‘If you’re planning an event that’s evocative of a fairy tale, there are some trends you need to be aware of so that you can incorporate this elegance in your event. Whether you’re arranging a wedding, gala, or any other type of Cinderella-esque occasion, you’ll love these ideas for luscious fabrics, luxe colors, and opulent décor.

Dreamy Linens

For a ballroom-inspired event, try rich fabric for table linens and napkins

If you’re planning a ballroom-inspired event, you want to leave no detail untouched when it comes to luxury. Table linens and napkins should be in beautiful fabrics‚ think sequins and sparkles, brocade, and thick, rich fabrics reminiscent of royal robes. Pleated or textured fabrics are also great to create an air of opulence at your event. You can even use a lace overlay on tables. 

Whatever type of linen you choose, the fabric should be one that feels rich and luxurious. For instance, in this setting, a spandex tablecloth would not be appropriate.

Perfect Colors

When you’re choosing colors for your ballroom, think of what type of event you’re putting on and go from there. If you’re planning an elegant wedding, shades of silver or platinum, pale rose quartz, gold, and pearl are great choices. These provide a classic feel, one that brings to mind precious metals and stones.

Mix things up with a table linen that has metallic threading woven throughout, and accent silvers and golds with a pale color of your choosing, such as lavender. If you want things to look a bit crisper, you can use white as the accent shade.

Spectacular Accessories and Decor

A proper ballroom needs accents, accessories, chair ties and/or chair covers

Accents and accessories should be paid attention to, as they can make or break the overall look. Utilize textured charger plates, unique stemware and dishes, and beautifully ornate centerpieces on your event tables. Make sure you plan out lighting to ensure that overly stark venue lighting doesn’t ruin the aesthetic feel of your event, as well. Be sure to pay attention to things like chair décor as well‚ oftentimes, the linen and dishes look great, but are somewhat marred by distractingly plain chairs. Consider using chair ties or chair covers to carry your ballroom theme throughout. 

What’s one thing you’d suggest for someone planning a ballroom event not to forget? Tell us about it in the comment!