December, 13, 2015

Create Sparkling Elegance with Cameo Mystique Table Linen

Sequins often make their biggest appearance around the New Year, but we love using them for all sorts of events. One of our favorite products is our Cameo Mystique table overlay, an intricately patterned, sequined fabric that makes any event look luxurious. This versatile fabric can be accessorized in a lot of different ways to create different looks at events.

Check out these three different ways we’ve seen Cameo Mystique used to dress up events!

Fresh Floral Spring

Photo Credit: Virgil Bunao Photography

The rose quartz shimmer of the Cameo Mystique overlay provides the perfect backdrop for fresh blooms in muted hues of coral, tangerine, and sage.

Photo Credit: Virgil Bunao Photography

Each place setting is set off by a centerpiece of bursting blooms, and the metallic silverware complements the chargers and Cameo Shantung napkins gorgeously. Adding to the fresh look, a sprig of cherries on each menu adds an air of playfulness, keeping the event looking light and inviting.

Photo Credit: Virgil Bunao Photography

This theme is fun and sophisticated at the same time, and perfect for late winter and early spring events.

Candlelit Sparkle

Photo Credit: Debi Lilly / A Perfect Event

This look is the epitome of modern brilliance. With transparent chairs and jewel-toned accents, this theme offers a great balance between a classic look and contemporary detail. We love how the Orchid Shantung napkin gives a pop of brightness to this subdued theme, and the Mulberry Lamour table linen underneath the Cameo Mystique overlay adds a whole new dimension to this sequined look.

Photo Credit: Debi Lilly / A Perfect Event

We love how the tablescape is tied together with gold-rimmed stemware and complementary gilded candle holders, with a lush, green centerpiece. Orchid, chartreuse and the rosy hue of Cameo are an eye-catching combination, one we’re sure we’ll see more of.

Photo Credit: Debi Lilly / A Perfect Event

Pretty in Pinks

Another way we love seeing Cameo Mystique used is in ultra-romantic looks, such as this one featuring varying shades of pink which creates a soft, upscale feel at this event.

Photo Credit: Hello Darling

This time, the sequined overlay is backed by a coordinating Cameo Shantung table linen, with matching Cameo Shantung napkins and Cameo Shantung chair pad covers. Monochromatic looks like these are always beautiful, and the sparkle overlay adds a distinctive element to the event.

Photo Credit: Hello Darling

The attention paid to detail at this event was exquisite. Custom-made pillows with matching Cameo Mystique Tori fabric adorned the chairs for added luxury, and the centerpieces featured lovely roses in hues of pink, lavender, rose quartz, orchid, and ivory. Each guest sat at a place setting that featured our unique Ice Clear with Silver Rim charger plates.

Photo Credit: Hello Darling

The way all of these elements combine adds up to a stunningly high-end look, ideal for a black-tie wedding or other formal events.

Which event’s look do you like best?

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