October, 20, 2016

Cozy Up to Style for Warm Winter Events

01_Cozy_Up_To_Style.pngFront Room Photography

Whether it’s a winter wedding at a ski lodge, a city luncheon on a day with “snow in the air,” or an intimate dinner party in front of the fire, this is the season to wrap style in cozy comfort. Be elegant while you capture warmth through simple color schemes; combine the glitter and shine of metallics and sequins, and employ greenery in unusual ways.

Rev Up with Bulbs and Blooms

02_Rev_Up_Bulbs_Blooms.pngFront Room Photography

An upside down bouquet of white tulips is stylishly elegant mixed with the minimal presence of light from bare bulbs and candles in glass balls suspended on slim cords. The overhead display — as dramatic as it seems — complements rather than competes with the exciting dining table just below, a charming setting for a bridal party or any other celebration!

Almost a Mirror Image

03_Almost_Mirror_Image.pngFront Room Photography

Light bounces in both directions to highlight a table set with sparkling silver enriched with natural greenery. Above and below, the simple green, white and bright ambience is both playful and sophisticated. Balance is maintained through careful blending of elements. Greens adorn the backs of chairs rather than being arranged on the table; the green canopy above seems protective, but adds serenity as well as drama. 

White and Bright, but Warmed with Gold

04_White_Bright_Warmed_Gold.pngFront Room Photography

The perfect simplicity of white cloth, silver sequined runners, clear candle holders, and silver chargers under white dinner plates might seem icy without the sunny glow produced by the addition of copper tankards and the larger gold-toned pillar candleholders. This setting is tempered with a few wood accents and brown paper place cards, and it benefits from the stunning view of an old brick building beyond.  

A Masterful Mix

This party setting illustrates that simple elements, layered with a deft hand and woven with natural accents, can make any setting sizzle! Combine common materials with sparkle and glow to achieve a comfortably warm and cozy ambience.


Cozy Winter Event Looks