January, 17, 2014

Couple Spotlight: Megan and Anthony’s Pink and Gold Wedding

I love seeing BBJ Linen products in action. That’s why I was so excited to see Megan and Anthony’s wedding turn out so well! See how they combined romantic colors and glitzy touches to create an exquisite day.

Bow shaped napkins add elegance to the table decorations

Their Wedding Tables

I’m beyond thrilled to see Megan and Anthony’s color scheme incorporated one of my favorite shades of the year: blush pink! The couple combined these colors with gold accents, like their shiny table cards. Notice how they tied their napkins in the shape of a bow, too‚ it’s a super simplistic touch, yet it completely ties together the theme of the event, creating a polished, elegant table for their pink and gold wedding.

While I loved her guest tables, I’m still speechless over her head table design. Adorned in gold Empress table linen, this table was eye catching without being distracting from the focus of the day: Megan and Anthony. Done in shades of light pink, light yellow and cream white, the colors of the table’s flowers also complemented their linen rentals perfectly.

The table is decorated in shades of light pink, light yellow and cream white.

As far as ultra luxurious looks go, their cake table, well, took the cake. With the use of the glitzy rose gold Cameo Tori tablecloth, this table looked positively sweet!

Elegant tables decorated with table linens and folded napkins

Their Attire

First of all, can I just say how gorgeous Megan looked? You’ve heard about brides glowing, but she took it to another level! Her dress was perfect for both her and the theme of her wedding. The tailors fitted her strapless gown perfectly, and the dress’s flowery blossoming bottom was a great touch. The great dress designs didn’t stop at Megan, though; her bridesmaids looked just as stunning. All their dresses were in shades of blush pink, but they were all different‚ and in different styles. More and more brides are following this pick-your-own-cut when choosing their bridesmaid’s dresses, and I think Megan’s bridesmaids definitely prove that it works. I can’t forget about Anthony, either‚ I love his white vest / white shirt combo! It’s definitely a handsome, elegant style.

Fabulous dresses in shades of blush pink

Get Their Look

Overall, Megan and Anthony’s event looked so unified and refined, and that’s because they tied everything together: the table linen, the flowers, the print goods, the decor, the bridesmaid dresses and more. They thought through every detail and made sure it all worked together. After seeing their wedding, you may want to do something similar. Of course, you’ll want to make your wedding your own, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take away a few ideas from Megan and Anthony’s simply stunning day! Getting their look can be a lot easier than you think, too. Take note of how they combined neutral linen rental items, like the ivory Shantung table cloths, with blush pink accents, like the Shantung napkins. Following their lead, you’ll have a stylish wedding day, too.

Grab wedding ideas including hue choices on tables and napkins, different styles and combinations

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