February, 12, 2019

Color Crush – Purple Sage

PurpleSage_BlogThe Wildflower AZ | Camron Clark | El Chorro

With the optimism and positive vibes that spring brings , this year we’re feeling positive and energetic.  The perfect hue for this season is this, positively vibrant purple, that’s why we’re crushing on Purple Sage this month.

Set The Table

PurpleSage_Blog2The Wildflower AZ | Camron Clark | El Chorro

The bright pull of Purple Sage is perfect for creating a strong visual hierarchy.  This distinctive color draws the eye in with a dramatic effect.  Paired with a sage green, this tablescape feels balanced and refreshing.

Home Attitudes

Landing somewhere between warm and cool, Sage Purple can be described as dramatic and deeply lush and calming.  Moving away from the interior trends of all-neutral-everything, adding Purple Sage can make a large impact in small touches.

Monochromatic Purple 

Sometimes the simplest of color schemes is the best to create unity and harmony in your design.  That is just what you get when you create a single hued tablescape in Purple Sage.  Splendidly balanced, this purple oasis is both intriguing and delightful.


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